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How to Buy a Couch Slipcover

Buying a couch slipcover is a great way to make an older piece of furniture look new again. With so many options, it is important to choose a sofa slipcover that works with your decor, is the right construction and size for your style of couch and is within your price range. In order to accomplish all 3 of these goals, taking your time and considering all relevant factors is a must if you want to choose the slipcover that is right for you.


  1. Buy a Couch Slipcover Step 1.jpg
    Take some measurements. With the aid of a tape measure, make sure you have the proper length, width, and height for your sofa. Use the highest point on the back, the longest distance between the outside edges of the 2 arms, and the deepest depth from the back of the couch to the front. Be sure to allow some extra room for tucking the slipcover so the fit can be snug.