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get more fats on ketoIt took me a while to stop being scared of fats.

I mean, a good few decades of learning that fats are the enemy will do that to you. I’m not the kind of person to dwell on regrets, but when I think back to the issues I had when I was young and on a low fat, high carb diet – sugar addiction, eating disorders, acne, weight gain and mood swings – it’s hard not to regret that I didn’t know about keto earlier.

When you first switch to keto, making sure you get more fats in is paramount. And at first, it can seem really hard and actually quite scary to be eating up to 200g (or more) or fat a day.

I kind of ‘dipped my toes in ‘ with eating fats in the beginning. I was probably eating around 100g a day (and even that felt like quite a lot).

But it took me a while to adapt and I was so tired, and after reading around I realised that if you want your body to burn fats, you’ve really got to up that fat intake especially in the beginning.

If you don’t get enough fats in, there are a few things that are likely to happen:

You won’t get enough calories in.

This is really detrimental, especially when you are adapting in those first few weeks. Even if your main priority is to lose weight, you must make sure you are eating enough so that your body and brain are not stressed, and you don’t go into starvation mode. The bottom line is if you’re hungry – eat. The keto diet is not about losing weight as quickly as possible, it is about healing your body and your relationship with food so that you will naturally find your ideal weight.

You will not keto adapt (or it will take a lot longer).

If you want your body to primarily burn fats for fuel (which is the goal with eating keto), you have to send a signal that there are plenty of fats available. This is crucial in the adapting phase. If you drastically reduce carbs without replacing those with fats, your body will not adapt – it will just assume that there isn’t enough food available and will start