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8 Vegetables That Make You Look Beautiful

red cabbage for gastrointestinal

Looking to improve your appearance without having to invest in expensive beauty products or surgical procedures? The truth is, the secret to being beautiful does not come with a high price. In fact, you only need to be more conscious about the foods you eat and make sure that what you put on your plate can benefit not only your health, but your skin as well. Fortunately, health and beauty go hand in hand – and that means as long as you stay healthy, you can look naturally attractive, too. 

So, forget about those pricey skin creams and cosmetic surgeries, and consider eating several types of vegetables that make you look beautiful. With these food items, you will notice your skin clearing up, your eyes looking bright and stunning, and your body looking as gorgeous as ever!

1. Spinach

Eating dark leafy greens such as spinach can offer life-changing benefits on your health and overall appearance. It’s not pure magic or empty promises, but it’s the impressive component in spinach that makes all of these possible. For instance, spinach is loaded with zeaxanthin and carotenoids lutein, which are essential substances that can make your eyes look more youthful and brighter. After all, you can’t be beautiful with tired and red eyes, since that’s the first thing people see when they look at you. What’s more, spinach is rich in iron, an important mineral that can give you a healthier-looking complexion. So, make it a point to eat spinach everyday to achieve all these promising skin health benefits. Toss in some spinach in your salads or sauteed veggies, or use it as side dish to your tasty steak for an extra boost on your health. To give an interesting taste to your spinach, add some heavy cream, olive oil and blue cheese on these leafy greens. You may even prepare a zesty spinach smoothie combined with cucumber, broccoli and lime for a refreshing and nutritious drink.

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6 Japanese Foods You Must Try Once

Well, if you are a real foodie and are experimental enough, then the Japanese food is the right thing for you. Japanese food is bound to surprise your taste-buds as it has a very different taste. There is a great variety of noodles, dumplings, spicy dishes, and sweets available. One of the specialties of Japanese food is its use of seaweed. Here are some Japanese foods you must try once.

1. The seaweed dishes

Seaweed in Japan is considered to be very healthy as it contains a lot of calcium. It is used in a variety of salads. The wakame salad is one of the best salads which contain sesame seeds and vinegar. Seaweed tastes very different from other kinds of salads that you might have eaten but once you try it, you would want to eat it all the time!

Cook With Cooking Classes

by Aftab Ahmad on February 16, 2013

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