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How to Grip a Sinker Pitch

by Jan Mh on April 17, 2015

How to Grip a Sinker Pitch

sinker pitch, also called a two-seam fastball, drops just before it reaches the plate, throwing off the hitter. It drops more than a typical fastball but moves almost as fast, and it's a great addition to any skilled pitcher's repertoire. Your fingers grip the ball parallel to the seams, with your thumb directly under the ball. Practice the sinker pitch with slightly different positioning to find out what grip gives you the best motion for the pitch.


  1. Grip a Sinker Pitch Step 1 Version 3.jpg
    Position your fingers along the seams. Turn the ball so that your forefinger and middle finger are position along the seams where they're closest together. Your fingers should lay directly on top of the seams, parallel to each other. Tuck your ring finger and pinky finger back.
    • Try an alternate grip. Instead of positioning