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How to Keep Ribbon from Fraying

Three Methods:Applying Nail PolishUsing Craft Glue/SprayHeat Sealing Ribbons

Synthetic and natural fabric ribbons tend to fray and separate at the edges. You can extend the life of your ribbon by cutting it at a diagonal and applying heat, nail polish or glue to the edges.

Method 1 of 3: Applying Nail Polish

  1. Keep Ribbon from Fraying Step 1.jpg
    Find extremely sharp fabric scissors. The sharper the scissors, the better the edge of the ribbon will be.
  2. Keep Ribbon from Fraying Step 2.jpg
    Measure the length of your ribbon. Snip the edge at a 45-degree angle, or cut it in an inverted “v” shape to discourage fraying.
  3. Keep Ribbon from Fraying Step 3.jpg
    Purchase clear nail polish. Use a good quality, trusted brand that you know encourages long wear.
  4. Keep Ribbon from Fraying Step 4.jpg
    Dip the nail polish brush into the nail polish. Wipe the brush on the top of the bottle to remove excess polish.
  5. 5
    Apply a thin layer to the edges of the ribbon. You can either hold the ribbon in your hand and paint it at the very edge or lay it flat and paint one side, and then flip it and paint the other side.
  6. Keep Ribbon from Fraying Step 6.jpg