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Make Wire Stitch Markers

by Jan Mh on March 03, 2015

How to Make Wire Stitch Markers

All you need to make these simple stitch markers is a bit of wire (paper clips will work) and a pair of fine-point pliers. Because they are an open loop, these stitch markers can be inserted and removed at any point in the knitting or crochet process.


  1. How to Make Wire Stitch Markers
    Start with a spool of craft wire or straighten a paper clip or two. Any small paper clip will do, whether or not it is plastic coated, as long as it it is made of wire. Craft wire, if you have it, is a little softer and easier to work. 
  2. How to Make Wire Stitch Markers
    Grip the very end of the wire in the pliers. Loop the end of the wire closely around the tip of the pliers. 

  3. How to Make Wire Stitch Markers