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Mentally survive christmas

by Jon Platt on December 06, 2017

How to Mentally get through the holidays (In One Piece)

The holidays can be a mental disaster. I know the feeling of dreading going home or to certain family’s homes because you want to avoid the drama. I know the feeling of sitting on eggshells to avoid the crazy talk and the food fight that could erupt at any moment. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! You can enjoy the holidays (and your family) and come out with your mind intact. In today’s post, I share some tips to get through the holiday season in one piece.

How to Mentally Get Through the Holidays In One Piece

Let’s face it there is always that one family member that you just don’t agree with. There is that member that pushes your buttons, gets on your very last nerve, and purposely drops sly comments to get a rise out of you. But this same family member gets invited to the table every year because they are family. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid our family’s dysfunction but we can protect ourselves mentally. Here’s how to get through the holidays without giving your gritty family members the satisfaction of your soul.

Avoid the political talk

Don’t do it to yourself. Don’t