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by Zaid_bil on June 07, 2017



I was in a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous tonight; a woman spoke up. Her name will remain anonymous, but she shared something very deep. Sometimes at meetings related to recovery you hear someone really going through the thick of their addiction – someone trying their best to quit. This woman shared about how she wanted to kill herself, how her life was over, how she is not meant for this life. She shared that someone was online bullying her via Facebook. The room became silent as the mood generally shifts when someone shares something as heart wrenching as that. You could hear the depression, the anguish, the suffering, and the hopelessness. In other words, it sounded like periods of sobbing filled with other sequential periods of silence.

Being in recovery myself, and really loving it, I put my hand out to this woman. “Hey, I want you to take my number down, call me if you every need anything, whatever it is.” We ended up talking for a little bit, I tried to assure her I knew how she felt; the pain of addiction is one unlike others. I asked her if she needed a ride, she told me she was going to walk back to her store. I told her to get in