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Independence Day and food in the land of immigrants


by Terry B


We are a nation of immigrants. Appropriately enough, our eating on the 4th of July holiday weekend, a time that celebrates our nation’s birth, illustrates why this is a good thing. We started Friday night at Lao Beijing. 

Chicago’s Chinatown is rich with restaurants serving up authentic regional cuisines from many corners of that vast nation. We’ve sampled many of them and have our go-tos, depending on what we’re craving at the moment. This is not Americanized shopping mall Chinese food. This is food prepared by immigrant chefs and line cooks from traditional recipes or skills learned in the kitchen, aimed at regional Chinese palates. Occasionally when we order too adventurously, our servers will say, “No, that’s for Chinese people only.” Often, we’ll order it anyway. Sometimes, they’re right. Other times, we’ll discover something amazing.

Saturday was notable for where we didn’t eat. Errands