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Is All Stress Bad For You?

by Zaid_bil on September 28, 2017

You have probably read so much about the importance of getting rid of stress – it’s something we “manage” or “relieve.” But not all stress is bad. Stress motivates you (deadlines have an amazing way of mobilizing people into action). Stress also helps you be alert and keeps you energized. Exercise puts stress on your body, and that’s a good stress.

Stress can help you do things you thought you could never do like achieve great goals. Seriously! If you weren’t at least a little stressed out about your current situation, would you do anything to change it? Of course not, and then you’d never progress!

Exercise is one excellent way to relieve stress.The right kind of stress is good. We get a surge of adrenaline, we spring into action, get the job done… and then we relax. This is called “functional stress” – the mechanism by which we get the surge of energy, focus and strength that is required