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Is It Safe To Eat Potato Sprouts?


How safe do you think is eating potatoes with sprouts? Did you ever wonder if there might be any ill effects a potato with sprouts might cause? Some say it is absolutely safe while others claim that sprouted potatoes can be lethal. But then, which is true?

This post can give you the answer. Would you like to know? Read on!

Science Behind Potato Sprouts:

Mature potatoes that have become soft and have grown produce two lethal chemicals; solanine and alpha-chaconine. They are lethal for humans as they are herbicides and are used to ward off pests from eating the potato plant.

Potato sprouts are nothing but warning signs that tell the potato has undergone chemical reactions and that it is no longer healthy.

As a potato over-ripens, the carbohydrates in the tuber get converted into sugars, and these undergo further conversion into alkaloids known as solanine and alpha-chaconine. Incidentally, these alkaloids are highly concentrated in the stems, leaves, the potato sprouts, and as well as the green-coloured