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Here's a quick update on what others are doing out there to draw attention to their efforts to recruit more people to help increase their share of the bounty


Re-Read details here for the Bounty



As you go through the list, is you have ideas or have your own please share in the comments section

***Remember its team work , the more the country earns in several areas the greater the bonuses we can give you ontop of your earnings.


Geat Video that Jeremia Van Loggerenberg shared, plus a couple of images


https://prnt.sc/iwgkgr https://prnt.sc/iw4q2z


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Your reward for being part of empowr will come from the coins and how your country works to increase the value of those coins to exceed a $1,000 a coin by 2020.

Join This country is on track to do just that for their citizens with their 2020 project to engage 1 billion students and their teachers during the 2020 Olympics using the empowr platform.

#Take2seconds Shareit4ward.com

Comments on last update http://posts.empowr.com/qr459

What an amazing news, Brian. You and the team work really hard and delivered as you said you wou💕ld.
Thank you.

Reply·2 days ago
Join This Country *** That Was Created To Help Everyone Succeed Comments on last update

Trever McGhee here, I agree with May the team, the SC's, the citizens that have been here for a long time have worked really hard to get us to this point. Especially May who has been with empowr for years working night and day to help. 

Now.... we must work together to share this news, to let everyone know that all their hard work, all their sales in the marketplace will be turned into coins that they can invest back into empowr to earn more with some easy steps or cashout in March when empowr goes live with the blockchain, where you can move them to your Ethereum wallets outside of empowr....to cash. 

But Before then..... 

*****the main question we all have to ask ourselves is 
****** do we want the coins to be trading at one cent 
********** or a dollar 
************** or ten dollars when the blockchain goes live 

What you do, what I do, what we all do between now and before it goes live will determine what these coins will trade for....again the question is do you want a penny for each coin or a dollar or ten dollars. 

Your actions, my actions, everyone's actions will help determine the price. 

It's quite simple, the more we actively promote the benefits of empowr, the marketplace, the patents empowr holds that will in time make these coins more valuable than bitcoins.....the easier it will be to invite/recruit new people which in turn will drive up the price of the coins. 

By working together we can make sure the demand for these coins exceeds the available amount of coins, which in turn will drive up the value faster than anything else. 

Remember the bonus coins you can make between now and Feb 15 for recruiting more people

#Take2seconds Shareit4ward.com


Join This Country, sharing Tools and Resources to help you earn more coins, which in turn helps prepare empowr for our 2020 project were we'll engage 1 billion students and their support network with our 2Growit4ward Project.

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