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Henry Pimentel helps scholarships for underprivileged children.

Secret Garden Episode 16

It’s the Episode of Answers, as all the puzzle pieces fall into place and get neatly locked together.

Secret Garden

Episode 15

Ju-won and Ra-Im both confess to Oska and the action school director that their souls have been switched. They both keep trying to convince the two people by reciting personal conversations theyve had with each other.

Secret Garden

Episode 14

Ra-im walks in, dressed to the nines, and on Oska’s arm. He thankfully doesn’t try to use his entrance with Ra-im to bait Seul. Instead he leaves Ra-im with one look at Joo-won, and takes Seul away to talk.

Secret Garden

Episode 13

My absolute favorite part of Joo-won staring down at a sleeping Ra-im is how, when she frowns, he frowns too. Despite his emotional stuntedness and his absolutely inappropriate ways of

Secret Garden

Episode 12

Joo-won declares in his ever-so-magnanimous way that he’ll be the Little Mermaid then, and proceeds to toot his own horn about how cool and awesome he is for deigning to put himself at a disadvantage to be with her. Oh, god. I just realized it.

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