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Jon Platt helps fight Parkinson's Disease.

Learning to hear God speak

by Jon Platt on August 18, 2016

Learning to Hear God Speak


She fought the wiggles, tried her best to stay still as I formed her slightly damp hair into braids.  And the questions came.

They come at the most unexpected times, I’m learning.  Kids don’t often let the deep and heady questions spill out when parents are ready to give 100% attention.  No, they come out slowly in the quiet corners of the room, when we are busy, distracted, and trying to get their hair to submit itself into a decent pair of french braids.

How come God never talks to me, mama?

How exactly do we hear God speak? How do we teach this to our children, when we're still just learning ourselves? There is hope there and, thankfully, He is patient, while we learn to listen.

She is five.  She wouldn’t have asked if she didn’t care, right?  Some adults go half their lives (longer?) without ever taking the time to think through this, to ask this question.  She speaks with the purest sense of wonder, just as she might ask why the sky is blue or why the Shar-Pei has so many wrinkles.

And I don’t want to mess it up – this small in-road to her heart, this delicate foundation she is building.  I want to say all the right things and make it age appropriate.  I don’t want to minimize God or marginalize her understanding, yet I need baby steps and God, help me.  I have about 60 seconds to nail this before I’ve lost her attention completely.