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About this Author

Henry Pimentel helps scholarships for underprivileged children.

Your Love

by Henry Pimentel on June 17, 2016

Your Love

You're the one that never lets me sleep
To my mind, down to my soul you touch my lips
You're the one that I can't wait to see
With you here by my side I'm in ecstasy

I am all alone without you
My days are dark without a glimpse of you
But now that you came into my life
I feel complete
The flowers bloom, my morning shines
And I can see

Your love is like the sun

Free Fallin'

by Henry Pimentel on April 05, 2016

Free Fallin'

by John Mayer

She's a good girl, loves her mama
Loves Jesus and America too
Shes a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis

Love Is The Answer

by Henry Pimentel on March 19, 2016

Love Is The Answer

by England Dan and John Ford Coley

Name your price a ticket to paradise
I can't stay here any more and I've looked high and low
I've been from shore, to shore, to shore
If there's a short cut I'd have found it but there is no easy way around it

Life is BEAUTIFUL so Enjoy it

Life is Beautiful is a inspirational piece created to help get you through