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Make Handprint Art

by Jan Mh on March 26, 2015

Make Handprint Art

Three Methods:Imagine Your ProjectPrepare for the ProjectCreate the Design

For an art project keepsake, create handprint art that will capture your child’s small handprint for a moment in time. Even babies can participate in this project as long as there is a willing adult ready to guide his or her precious hand to paper (and clean up the mess).

Method 1 of 3: Imagine Your Project

  1. Make Handprint Art Step 1.jpg
    Determine what you hope to accomplish with this project. Do you want to create a single piece of artwork to give to a grandparent or relative or are you planning to track your child’s hand size through time using artful designs?
    • If tracking the changes in hand size, purchase a large art folder to keep the paintings in. Always date the back of each piece of artwork for reference. (It's a good idea to keep digital copies too, in case of damage or loss of the original handprint artwork.)
    • Another method to keep a series that tracks your child’s development, is to create small cards with your child’s hand and mount them to a long piece of tag board.
      Make Handprint Art Step 6.jpg
  2. Make Handprint Art Step 2.jpg
    Choose your designs. How will you create art from your child’s handprint? Will you turn his or her chubby print into swimming fish or animals or perhaps recreate the alphabet? Have a design game plan ahead of time and even sketch out how it will look.
    • You may want to design something more permanent, possibly using clay or even plaster. Take your child’s age, time commitment and supplies into consideration before deciding which type of art project you will attempt.
      Make Handprint Art Step 5.jpg
  3. Make Handprint Art Step 3.jpg
    Decide if your child is ready to participate. Although even a baby can make handprint art, be sure your child is in the right frame of mind and whether the project will be more of a difficult task rather than an enjoyable experience.
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