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Make Money Online on empowr – Blogging

There are so many ways that you can make money online on empowr.


Posting blog post or blogging is the most easiest & funniest way.


On empowr, you can earn from blog post that you share share directly from your homepage or from your feed page and your blog post must be viewed by someone via their home feed page within 24h since the blogs are posted.
First you need to go to your home page or profile page, look at the left navigation bar, scroll down your mouse a little bit, you will see the “EXPLODE” menu, click into “Blog” menu.

Feed & Profile pageFeed & Profile pagemake money online on empowr by bloggingBlog menu
  • My Blogs: you can find all your published blog here.
  • New Post: add a new post into the exist blogs.
  • New Blog: create a new blog.
  • Import: you can import blog post from wordpress, blogspot,… but this function does not work as my experience.
  • Need Ideas: if you do not