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Make a Foam Flower

by Jan Mh on May 27, 2015

Make a Foam Flower

Three Methods:Calla LilyVioletMum

Homemade foam flowers make excellent decorations for parties. Making them is simple, so it's a great project to do with kids. Craft stores and dollar stores carry all the supplies you need to make these colorful creations. Read on to learn how to make foam calla lilies, violets and mums.

Method 1 of 3: Calla Lily

  1. Make a Foam Flower Step 1.jpg
    Cut a circle out of a sheet of foam. This will become the calla lily bloom. The circumference of the circle can be as small or as large as you want.
  2. Make a Foam Flower Step 2.jpg
    Fold the circle in half. Make sure it's folded neatly, so that the shape of the calla lily will turn out right.
  3. Make a Foam Flower Step 3.jpg
    Alter the circle to create a rounded heart shape. Start by placing the scissors at the bottom point of the folded foam. Cut along the edge of the circle, then dip the scissors in at the top of the circle to make a rounded edge. when you unfold the circle, it should look like a rounded heart, with two subtle humps at the top; the bottom of the heart should remain rounded.
    • The classic heart shape has a sharply pointed bottom tip, but in this case you want to keep the bottom rounded with a slight point.
      Make a Foam Flower Step 3Bullet1.jpg
    • Don't make the humps at the top too pronounced; they should be subtle.
  4. Make a Foam Flower Step 4.jpg
    Make a small slit between the humps. This will make it easier to form the foam into the cylindrical shape of a calla lily bloom.
  5. Make a Foam Flower Step 5.jpg