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Make a Necklace Holder from a Wooden Hanger

Design a jewelry hanger using a wooden hanger, a few hook screws and a small screwdriver. Customize your hanger by either removing its base or keeping it intact, depending on the number of necklaces or scarves you need to hang.


  1. Make a Necklace Holder from a Wooden Hanger Step 2.jpg
    Examine the jewelry you plan to hang. Before you can transform the hanger into something that can hold jewelry you will need to know how many pieces you plan to hang. The number will allow you to space the hook screws evenly and help you decide if you should remove the bottom of the wooden hanger.
  2. Make a Necklace Holder from a Wooden Hanger Step 3.jpg
    Measure the hanger and determine how closely the hook screws should be spaced. If you have a large number of necklaces that must be hung consider either adding another hanger or spacing the hooks close together. However, don’t place the hooks too closely together as necklaces could become entangled.