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Make a Space Saver Jar Holder Set

Are small paperclips, screws and other small items constantly in the way? Need a better organizational system but can’t seem to find one? You don’t have to suffer with discord in your home when you could create a special organizational system that involves storing your items in small jars that can be housed underneath your cabinets.


  1. 1
    Locate an area in your home for your space saver set. Consider setting up your space saving jars in a laundry room or even the garage cabinets. You will be permanently adding this set to a cabinet so make sure you don’t damage expensive or new cabinetry.
    • Find a well-traveled area or an area that is easy to access.
      Make a Space Saver Jar Holder Set Step 1Bullet1.jpg
    • Make sure the cabinets can support several mounted jars underneath. If the cabinets are damaged or have poor support, consider using a different cabinet.
      Make a Space Saver Jar Holder Set Step 1Bullet2.jpg
  2. Make a Space Saver Jar Holder Set Step 2.jpg
    Separate lids from each jar. You will be affixing the lids to the wooden block.