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Henry Pimentel helps scholarships for underprivileged children.

Think Big

by Henry Pimentel on October 05, 2015


Thinking Big And Abundant Thoughts

Success coaches tell us to “Think Big!”, set big goals, if you want millions, think in millions, there’s no need to settle for less. This is the advice from

Thinkers Vs. Doers

by Henry Pimentel on August 28, 2015

Doers Vs. Thinkers

The definition of a “Doer” is someone who bleeds the Company’s vision and believes the greater purpose.



The basic rule for success is for you to continue to remind yourself that you are where you are, and what you are because of yourself.  You are in your current situation because you have decided to be there.  

Think and Grow Rich

by Henry Pimentel on August 10, 2015

Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich is a 1937 personal development

and self-help book by Napoleon Hill.

Nine Reasons Why You’re Not Successful, Yet.

As you breathe right now, another person takes their last, so stop complaining and learn to live your life with what you have.

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