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Put Verbs in your sentences, set goals

“Put Verbs In Your Sentences”

I have heard Dr. Phil say this phrase many times on his popular daytime television show. I look forward to this point in the show because the viewer can finally hear what his “prescription” is for the guest that day. These statements generally contain actionable verbs that the guest can start accomplishing immediately. Yeah!

Action verbs by definition are “expressions of physical or mental action“. Doesn’t this sound about right? You need both physical and mental action when it comes down to setting those goals AND eventually conquering them.

Today, I am going to give you info on how you can start using actionable verbs to start making action plans. I will finish up the discussion by providing two ways to keep you on track while you work towards the goals that you set for yourself.

Put Verbs in your sentences, set goals

Turn Action Verbs Into An Action Plan

Generally, when we make goals for ourselves, the “action verb” of the goal is one of the largest factors. How are you going to succeed with that goal that you have set for yourself? Be specific.

Put action verbs in your sentences.

Once you have “action sentences”, make an action plan. This combo will make a difference when you actually want to reach your ultimate goal.

For example, how often have you made a note of saving more, spending