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I know that brussel sprouts have a bad reputation for being the worst vegetable, but when you find the right way to cook them they are actually incredibly delicious! Traditionally Christmas sprouts are always boiled, which takes away all their flavour and doesn’t give them a great texture, so instead we need to roast them – it totally transforms the sprout! Roasting them gives the sprouts a delicious crispy texture and an awesome flavour. They are a very savoury vegetable though, which is why I like pairing them with a little sweetness so that you have a wonderful range of flavours in each bite. I roast these sprouts in small pieces with little potatoes and a sprinkling of chilli flakes until both the sprouts and potatoes turn a beautiful golden brown, I then add in some roasted hazelnuts for a great nutty crunch before tossing everything with juicy pomegranates and a little maple syrup. I’ve made a video with Waitrose, which is below, which shows you exactly how to make this recipe so you can impress