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Reiki Meditation: Shut Out The Chaos And Master Inner Peace

Reiki meditation

With the stress of keeping up with our chaotic schedules, an influx of hundreds of overwhelming ideas, and a wall-sized to-do list bombarding our minds, our bodies hold the physical load of each one of these worries and troubles in a mental and physical gridlock. However, you can learn to release the body from this metaphysical bondage by feeling the clarity and healing of Reiki meditation.

With a mere shallow dive into the waters of stress research, you will quickly find a mountain of validation that stress is one of the greatest obstacles to living a long and healthy life.

Global health organizations, including the World Health Organization, have all brought awareness and warning to the dangers of stress on the body, mind, and (although less researched) the spirit.

Claims of the perfect cure for stress have come in the form of pharmaceutical medications, exercise, eating right, and a thousand others. Today, we are going to explore a few techniques of an ultra-effective practice of stress relief, using Reiki meditation.

What is Reiki Meditation?

Reiki meditation techniques

All forms of meditation have one of two focuses: either to clear your mind, or focus it on a certain subject. Reiki Meditation differs from the others by having that focus on the energy and power of Reiki.

Reiki is the flowing and all-encompassing energy of the universe. Reiki energy flows through you all and through all things. Reiki therapy is the act of using intention and hands to move energy in the body and create healing.

Reiki Meditation is the isolation of the intention part of the Reiki practice. In Reiki meditation, you concentrate and focus on the universal energy force of Reiki in yourself and all around you. Through this process, you are able to feel, connect with, and manipulate Reiki energy. This will create tranquility, healing, and vitality in your body, mind, and soul.

Reiki Meditation techniques

Reiki Zen Meditation

Reiki Zen Meditation follows very similar meditation