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Some routines can leave you stressed and anxious.Routines are meant to make life easier. Mostly, they do. But what about some routines that destroy your productivity, stress you out, make you irritable and potentially ruin your day?

And more importantly, can you a) recognize these routines and b) change them?

You might think you’re perfectly aware of all of your routines, but like any other habit, they can be hard to spot.

So how does your morning typically go? Hit the snooze button 2-3 times… stumble out of bed, turn on the coffee maker, hit the shower, go through at least 2 changes of clothes (okay, I do, anyway) before settling on the right one, slam a quick breakfast (if you’re lucky)… if you have kids, there’s the added fun of “Did you remember your homework? Do you have your gym clothes? Remember I can’t pick you up today so don’t forget to get on the bus! Do you have lunch money?” and other morning delights – usually accompanied by stress on both the parents’ and the kids’ ends. Rush out the door, pray you haven’t forgotten anything, battle traffic and get to work juuuuuuust in time, okay 5 minutes late, frazzled and already on edge, and then instead of tackling your inbox because your mind is scattered