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Samsung Galaxy Note 7

by Jon Platt on September 03, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review: Take note, this is the big-screen phone to beat

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review: Take note, this is the big-screen phone to beat
5 stars - Pocket-lint editors choice



Display and HDR potential, design and build quality, software refinement, great camera, S Pen feels natural and adds plenty of useful features that define the phone


Sound quality from those speakers, price point is obviously prohibitive for many, iris scanner of little use given how good the fingerprint scanner is

Previously, the Note stood slightly apart from other devices because of its size. However, as phones have grown, it has been accepted that bigger is a bit better, and the Note has become increasingly normal. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review: Take note, this is t
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review: Take note, this is t


Because of its release later in the year than the majority of smartphones, it has the chance to evolve and expand from Samsung's regular devices. In the case of the Note 7, it builds on the Galaxy S7 edge, a device that's accomplished in its own right. The result is a handset that takes everything good about the S7, adds a dab of polish, introduces new features and throws in the S Pen for good measure.

In a moment of blink-and-you'll-miss-it design, the Note 7 doesn't step too far from the design of the S7 edge. That's a good thing, as Samsung's use of the curved edge is one of the things that stands it apart from the majority of flat phones already out there. The phone looks great with those curved edges, but that aspect of the design is more about aesthetic than functionality, as we'll discuss later.

The build is great quality, with a sandwich of glass hemmed in by a metal edge, symmetrical in its design from front to back, enhanced with waterproofing to save you from those little "oops" moments.

The use of glass means a glossy finish and the biggest problem you might face is fingerprints making the phone look smeary, especially in the "Blue Coral" finish we first saw the device in - as shown in many of our pictures. For the long-term loan of this review device we've received the more subdued black finish ("Black Oryx" if you want the full marketing shebang).

Over time that glass rear may become more noticeably scratched than a metal phone - even if it is Gorilla Glass 5 - as we've experienced with other phones before.

POCKET-LINTUntitled-1 copy 8

Importantly, however, the Note 7