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Sealand is a unique micro nation located in the North Sea. Its mass consists of what was HM Fort Roughs, a former Second World War Maunsell Sea Fort, off the coast of Suffolk, England, United Kingdom. Total area of this country is almost equal to a small sea ship. And total population of this country consists of only 22 people. This country has their own currency, stamps and even the national anthem. they import many of their food stuff and other needy things from the Europe. Their main income source is their online shop where they sell land titles and their famous/commemorative item of their country. Amazing thing is if u pay 200 Euro to them, you can get the title of NAWAB of the state.

Actually it is an old fort on the British during World War II, a former Major Roy Bates occupied. The fort was abandoned in 1950, the grand release. Roy postwar been favored hobbies of fishing and Radio Broadcasting, frustrated by the restrictions of the British government eventually plan to establish an independent state in the fort. He had settled here with his wife Joan and declared independence from Britain. Roy and Joan became the state's first king and queen.