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Show Out By Akon--- Lyrics

by Jan Mh on January 29, 2015

"Show Out"




Akon, show out (show out), show out (show out)

I'm sure that the streets are watching me
Rather not run when the cops are stopping me
Pulled over on the road they watching me
As they walk passed all the chicks are jockin me
Ferrari truck on the side of the road
Raspberry paint gloss sitting on 24's
Give me a warning ticket, letting me go
Cause you can tell by the jewels that I ain't an average Joe
Cause I meet fresh dimes daily
You burn me (ouhhh) really
Cause I done seen your type before
You wanna hate out on the chef cause he baking that dough, yo

Don't tempt me cause I'm close to the edge
I'm tryin not to lose my head
Cause you don't really wanna see me show out (show out)
In the club on free spinning G's (show