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Stress can start to feel normal.Modern life is incredibly complex and we are constantly faced with making decisions and dealing with deadlines, demands, too many activities and pressures. Many of us are constantly under stress and we’ve gotten so used to that “on the edge” feeling to the point where we don’t even realize it’s become chronic.

Stress is not inherently bad. In small doses, stress is important. It’s a normal physical response to danger and it doesn’t matter whether that danger is emotional or physical. If your brain perceives a threat, the body instantly prepares itself to fight, flight or freeze. This physical response gives you the strength, speed, stamina and sharp thinking to save yourself. When you’ve done what you need to do (run or fight or hide), the stress hormones are flushed from the system and your body returns to a state of homeostasis.

And then, all is well.

Except, modern life is mostly about emotional stress. And that stress can creep up on you. Humans are incredibly adaptable, and once we get used to a certain level of stress, we can add to it. If you were to go outside on a winter’s day you would immediately notice the temperature change, but then you become used to it and stop being so aware of it. It’s the same with stress.