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There are so many rumors and ideas floating around the community.... so many different strategies to maximize your earnings.

So, who should you listen to? What's the best way to make the most money -- that you can CASH OUT as soon as possible?

Should you post to Facebook and Twitter?

Posting to facebook, google, twitter etc are all good ideas. But if you look at the amount of money people are making from those sources -- its not much. The source that is making the most money for people (not counting ads) -- is definitely from Making New Posts. The reason is that when you make new posts, thousand of people will see it (at no cost to you) because it is shown in their fanbox homepage feed.

So definitely try facebook and twitter and things like that -- but I am sure you will find that most of the non-ad money is coming from making new posts. Every day I see people making good money from posting -- as much as $50 or $100 (I've even seen as much as $300 made in one day from making new posts) --  but I never see anyone making more than $3 to $6 from other sites or even from their fanbox profile.


OK, so the very best way to make money is to Make New Posts. But what should I write about?

The very best thing for you to write about is.... ready for this.... NOTHING!

What??? Let me explain....

Why take the time to write about anything -- when there are millions of web sites and billions of pages of content on every possible imaginable topic already on the web -- and totally accessible instantly using google!!! So you can easily copy and paste right from those sites right into Fanbox -- just be sure to give them credit with one easy line at the end of your post, something like "Source: XYZ.com" or something like that.

Look, readers don't care that you took it from somewhere else -- they are just happy that you did the research and brought it to them! And the owner of that content usually doesn't care, because you gave him credit -- and if he ever has a problem with it, worst case he'll ask you to take it down (which will take you only about 10 seconds) but that will not happen often.


OK, so to maximize my earnings, is to make new posts. But, I have big ambitions and would really like to Go Big -- REALLY BIG!  What can I do to make LOTS OF MONEY?

So as we just discussed, the best way to earn the most money, is to make new posts -- tons of them. Want to go bigger than that?

I wouldn't be surprised if you could make so much money that way that you could hire one person to help you, then another person, then another person.... gradually building a team that does that for you, as your earnings grow -- because you don't have other costs. 

Then, you can also hire another person to manage your ads -- and their job is to make sure that only the best ads are kept live -- so their job will be to basically try many ads each day, but quickly take the ones down that aren't producing for you.

There is plenty of proof that someone can build a company out of this opportunity -- if they have the ambition and the communication and leadership skills needed to motivate and inpsire others.


I hope this helps you -- but please remember, these are all just ideas -- this is all very new and we are all learning together. Some things will work, others won't. I will let you know as I see others succeeding or failing, so you can learn from their successes and failures and save yourself time. But from everything I have seen (and I spend a lot of time researching whats working and whats not working, to save your time) I can tell you honestly that this is our current very best understanding about what you can do to maximize the return on your time and money - to profit from your passion and energy.