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Free Fans!

by Johnny Cash on July 13, 2011


Free Fans!


Are you a regular FanBox advertiser?


If you can answer YES to the above question, you'll notice that, starting today, you will be rewarded with a lot more fans each day!

In order to help new members learn how to be successful like you, when they sign up, they automatically become a fan of a small number of successful advertisers.

The benefit to you is that this will expand your fan base and earning potential immediately, because all these fans will receive your new posts.


Don't know how to be successful with Ads? Ask others on the LeaderBoard!

If you haven't noticed already, successful people on FanBox are delighted to share their secrets with you and love to see others succeed too!

Personally, I think that's one of the very best things about the FanBox community! :)


Katherine Nlcitizen

that's awesome news, thanks Johnny

102 months ago
Habib Ullah

wow i am going to be on top 100 in one day i am on 107 number

102 months ago
* Arlene *

That's great, JC! Fanbox just keeps on innovating the site. See you bloggers on the leader board!

102 months ago
Khaleel Daud

good....thanks JC

102 months ago

great news
because I am the #1 in my country Jordan but i am not a regular FanBox advertiser,
well i get the benefit of this?

102 months ago