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Earn by Categorizing and Rating Posts



People use FanBox Search to find the very best blog posts.

Now you can earn by Categorizing and Rating posts… helping FanBox Search to work even better.

Earn by Categorizing and Rating Posts

In this post:

First, we’ll discuss how you can CATEGORIZE posts

Then, we'll discuss how to RATE posts 

And finally, we'll discuss how you can EARN by Categorizing and Rating posts


I’ll also surprise you with a very special earning twist.  :)


Categorizing Posts

By Categorizing a post, you are simply answering the question "What is this post REALLY about?"

You Categorize a post by entering one or more Search Terms into this yellow box (that appears at the bottom of all blog posts):

 Earn by Categorizing and Rating Posts


You can also help Categorize a post by AGREEING or DISAGREEING with Search Terms that other people have entered:

 Earn by Categorizing and Rating Posts


Here's an example of Categorizing:


You teach FanBox that a post is about (or not about) "food" by


1)   entering "food" into the yellow Search Term box, or


2) agreeing (or disagreeing) with the term "food", that someone else entered, by clicking the "check mark" (or the “x”) symbol.


Now -- assuming you and many others agree that this post is about “food” -- when people search for "food", that post will appear in FanBox Search results:


Earn by Categorizing and Rating Posts


Rating Posts

After Categorizing a post, you'll be asked to Rate the post -- by giving it a score of 0 to 10.

Earn by Categorizing and Rating Posts


By Rating a post, you are simply answering the question:

"How would you rate the QUALITY of this post, as compared to other posts about this same topic?”

Think about this:

Maybe you believe a post is definitely about "food” – AND you believe it’s a really HIGH QUALITY post about "food".

And maybe you think the same post is also definitely about “eating”; however, you believe it’s NOT really a great post about “eating”. 

So you might think that a post is really about a number of different topics. But within each of those topics, you might have a different opinion of how good the post is for that topic – so you rate it differently for each topic.


Rating a post teaches FanBox Search HOW HIGH the post should appear in search result listings -- relative to other posts about that same topic (Search Term).


Here's an example of Rating posts: 

After Categorizing a post with the Search Term "food”, you are then asked to Rate it -- picking a number between 0 and 10. 

-- If you give it an 8, 9 or 10, then you're telling FanBox to show this post as one of the very first (best) posts in search result listings, when people search for "food".

-- If you rate it a 0, 1 or 2, you're telling FanBox that its NOT a very good post about "food", so it should NOT show up as one of the first results in search listings for "food".

-- 3 and 4 are below average; 5 is average; and 6 and 7 are above average.


In summary, there are 3 activities in Categorizing and Rating posts:

   A) Entering a new Search Term into the yellow Search Term box

   B) Agreeing or Disagreeing with a Search Term that someone else entered

   C) Rating a post, after you Categorize it by doing activity A or B.



Can you guess which of these 3 activities (A, B or C) earns you the most?

And which activity earns you the 2nd most?


I’ll let you think about that for a moment…

Remember your answer. Later in this post, we’ll see how accurate your guess was. :)


HOW DO YOU EARN by Categorizing and Rating posts?

 By Categorizing and Rating posts, you're playing a very important role in the Knowledge Economy, because:

-- You're determining where posts appear in FanBox search result listings: Up high at the top; in the middle… or near the bottom.

 -- Remember that posts that appear near the top of search result listings can get over 100 times more visitors than those that appear in the middle or bottom of search result listings.

 -- More visitors translates into more time (user engagement) spent in blogs – which is how bloggers get paid on FanBox.

 -- More visitors from FanBox Search also means more fans, friends and blog followers – leading to even more future earnings for the blogger.


So by Categorizing and Rating posts, you're helping to determine which posts deserve to get the lion's share of earnings… and how much bloggers earn.



Given how critical this role is in the Knowledge Economy, the system pays very close attention to how YOU Categorize and Rate posts: 

-- The system records every single Categorizing and Rating action you take, creating a comprehensive and multi-dimensional history (grid) of all your decisions.

-- Using this grid, it compiles and updates a Categorizing and Rating (CAR) Score for you. 

-- The higher your CAR Score, the higher your Categorizing and Rating earning potential.

-- Your CAR Score is kept confidential and encrypted in the system, and nobody – not even you – can see it.


So, how does the system determine your CAR Score? 

To set your Score, the system looks at how "smart" your Categorizing and Rating decisions are.

The FanBox algorithms determine how smart your answers are, based on how similar your answers are to the answers of other smart people (based partially on their CAR Scores).


That’s right: People that achieve high Scores are teaching the system: 

1)   how to sort FanBox Search results


2)   how to set the CAR Score of other users


People with high Scores will earn more – a lot more – from Categorizing and Rating posts, than people with low Scores.

If there’s one thing I want you to remember, it’s that your CAR Score is very important  -- TAKE IT VERY SERIOUSLY. 


So how can you do that? What do you need to do to protect your CAR Score?


Don’t worry; it’s actually very simple. Here’s how:

Pay close attention when you’re Categorizing and Rating posts – because that’s how your CAR Score is determined 

What does this mean to you?

 You do not want to Categorize or Rate posts without first putting on your THINKING CAP!

-- If you Categorize or Rate without having first carefully read the blog post, you will almost definitely be hurting your Score.

-- So make sure to read the blog carefully before Categorizing and Rating it.

-- If you haven't carefully read the post -- enough to form an opinion about it -- I strongly advise you to NOT Categorize or Rate the post.


People who achieve high CAR Scores will be rewarded with very good Categorizing and Rating earnings – as I promise you will see in the coming days.

People with low Scores will earn almost nothing from Categorizing and Rating.

To maximize your Earnings:

Categorize and Rate as many posts as possible!

The more you Categorize and Rate, the more you earn -- so long as you're carefully reading the posts so that you can Categorize and Rate them smartly.


Here’s my first favorite part:

Now, you can take advantage of all the time you're already spending enjoying blog posts! 

Each post that you carefully read, is an instant opportunity to increase your earnings with very little effort!


Think about it…

You should make it a point to almost never leave a post without Categorizing and Rating it – as long as you have determined that you have carefully read it -- and have paid good attention to it when you were reading it.


OK, here’s the surprise earning twist I promised:

All earnings from Categorizing and Rating posts will appear in your FanBox Bank as already matured Ad Credits! 

This means that they can be immediately invested into FanBox Ads – to advertise your posts -- or anyone else’s posts – without waiting for the earnings to mature: 

As you know, we normally wait 30 days for earnings to be available for Ads; and 60 days to be available for Cash Out.

Earnings from Categorizing and Rating are Ad Credits that are instantly matured and immediately ready to invest.

Ad Credits cannot be cashed out. But the earnings you achieve by investing (using) your Ad Credits can of course be cashed out.


Some Tips, Facts, and Do's & Dont's

 It's OK to Categorize your own posts, by entering additional tags (Search Terms) but you cannot rate your posts. To remove confusion, the system simply won't let you.

 Giving high marks to the posts of people that you know or like does NOT help them, but will harm YOUR CAR Score.

-- For best results, simply try and be completely honest -- as if you don't know the author.

-- The best question to ask yourself, when Categorizing and Rating posts, is: "How would a super-smart reader -- that didn't know this author -- Categorize and Rate this post?"

Also, giving low ratings to the posts of your competitors does NOT harm them, but WILL harm your CAR Score.

Again, ask yourself that same question: “What would a super-smart person do?”

For best results, that’s what you should do too.

Creating fake accounts to rate posts DOES NOT HELP your posts or earnings, but will be harmful to your objectives:

-- Fake accounts and similar behavior that's intended to cheat your fellow Knowledge Workers causes the system to mark your real and fake account(s) for deletion; and have all your earnings, fans, friends, posts, and photos permanently removed from the system.

--Remember that accounts marked for deletion are usually not deleted immediately, in order to create maximum frustration and effort for cheaters.


Answer to the pop quiz:

Earlier, I asked which of these 3 activities earns you the most:  

   A) Entering a new Search Term into the yellow Search Term box

   B) Agreeing or Disagreeing with a Search Term that someone else entered

   C) Rating a post, after you Categorize it


The answer is:

By far, activity A (entering a new Search Term into the yellow box) earns you the most! 

Activity C, Rating a post, earns you the 2nd most; and Activity B (Agreeing or Disagreeing) earns the 3rd most.


So, why does Activity A earn you the most? 

Of these three activities, it takes more care and intelligence to enter a correct Search Term -- that accurately says what the post is really about -- and to do it without making a spelling error.

Therefore, it’s only fair that the system rewards you more for entering a smart Search Term -- than it does for simply Agreeing or Disagreeing with what someone else previously entered.


And finally, the icing on the cake… The Super Smart Bonus:

By now, we know that to maximize your earnings, we need to pay close attention when Categorizing and Rating posts.

We also know that the system will reward us most for entering Search Terms (that other smart people later agree with) in the yellow Search Term box.


Are you ready for this? Are you sitting down?

At the last minute, before adding the final earnings to our FanBox Bank, the system looks for other clues that we’re smart….

And if it finds those clues, it grants us a hefty “Super Smart Bonus”!

Specifically, if we’re also succeeding at earning via other activities such as Making New Posts and Advertising Posts – the system immediately and automatically takes that into consideration – and adds on a Super Smart Bonus.  

It does this because it also takes intelligence to earn by Making New Posts and Advertising.

So, for the very same amount of smart Categorizing and Rating -- we will earn a LOT more (via this Super Smart Bonus) if we’re also succeeding at Making New Posts and/or Advertising our own or other people’s posts.


Lastly, are you worried that maybe you already have a negative CAR Score, because you previously did some Categorizing and Rating events that you now wish you had not?


The FanBox engineers are one step ahead of us! All negative CAR Scores were cleared this morning, giving each of us the opportunity for a brand new, super-clean beginning. :)

Happy Categorizing and Rating! 

And thanks in advance for your efforts to power up the Knowledge Economy!

Any questions? I’m here for you.


Nasa نصرالدين Jaafar

Thanks again Johnny Cash

101 months ago
Johnny Cash

Ishita, the two are unrelated, relax and don't be nervous please.

101 months ago
Shehreyar10 (Free Consultant)

nice sharing Jc

101 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

so great sharing, thank you

101 months ago
Prabhat Kumar Pathak


12 months ago
Rosalia Marco-Vidanes

great :-) thanks for sharing...

101 months ago
Iftikhar Ahmad

Johnny You always help us .. Wonderful job..

101 months ago
Johnny Cash

@Ishita: Good question.

The rule of thumb is: The FanBox Bank always works in the best order for you.

In other words, for your Ad purchases, the Bank will always spend your Ad Credits FIRST, before spending your other money, so that you can have the maximum amount of money ready to cash out when you're ready to.

Does this make sense?

@Dream Catcher: Sorry if I haven't answered some of your prior questions. Millions of you; one of me: Please do the math and accept my apologies.

How much you earn by Categorizing and Rating depends on your Car Score. The smarter your answers, the higher your Score. You need to spend time teaching the system that you're smart, so get started at doing some smart Categorizing and Rating!

By far, the people that will earn the most for their Categorizing and Rating efforts will be the people that are also succeeding at Making New Posts and/or Advertising. That's the "Super Smart Bonus" -- and that will be the lion's share.

The system places a very high premium on success at other knowledge work.

101 months ago
Just Jeff

Thanks Johnny. This sounds duper duper! But approximately how much money is made by categorizing and rating? For example, if I categorize 100 posts and have a very high CAR score , how much will I make? Ballpark? Thanks Johnny. I only ask this because my time is valuable and I do spend a lot of time her on Fanbox. Thanks so much.

101 months ago
Johnny Cash

@ Just Jeff: I wish I could tell you that, but I really don't know. There are so many variables being taken into consideration here, that there is simply no way to ball park it for you.

This I can promise you: Many will make nothing at all, or pennies. Some will make decent money. And some -- via the SS Bonus -- will make a lot of money.

There's really only one way to find out for sure. Invest some of your time and try it out! Well before the weekend, you should see your Categorizing and Rating earnings start to grow. Depending on your Score and whether or not you earn a SS Bonus, next week your earnings may continue to grow (or not).

Not sure you want to take the time to try it? You can sit it out for a while, and see what happens for the others. If it appears to be worth their time, I'm sure they'll let you know - -and you can see their exact Categorizing and Rating earning amounts for yourself.

One fun thing about FanBox is that you can easily grab a bench and watch things unfold... and jump in when the moment is right for you.

101 months ago
Johnny Cash

@Engle. Seriously... whew indeed! This one took a long time to write and even more time to edit down so it didn't become a short novel. ;)

Yikes... Just you wait until the next one! Hint: The new Success Coach Program. Wrestling with it now.... trying to get it down to a smaller size. I'm going to try and have it not deserve a "whew" too... stay tuned.

101 months ago
Tapan Kumar Patra

Every one should be here as I think we are in right place to earn.

43 months ago