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Knowledge Booster - part 2

1) WHY is this product being launched

2) FanBox’s Big Problem

3) Exactly WHAT is this product?

4) HOW does it work?

5) Rules, Tips and Facts

6) How will it help ME?

7) WHEN does it go live?

8) What should I do NEXT?




2) FanBox’s Big Problem

Today, on FanBox, there are thousands of excellent blog posts that DO NOT have Ads.

Many of those posts (especially where the blogger has not done a great job building community) have little chance of having readers discover them.

Which means these excellent posts and bloggers have little chance of generating earnings.

In my opinion, this is a tragedy.


Also, on FanBox, there are thousands of effective Ads that are not being served because they have run out of money.

Which means these effective Ads -- and their creators -- also have little chance of generating earnings.

This is also not good!


Let me say it again:

Many Knowledge Producers have done their jobs in producing good blogs.        

And Many Knowledge Promoters have done their jobs in creating good Ads.

But those good blogs and Ads are not getting any visitors or earnings.


Wait a minute.

Isn’t this the problem that FanBox set out to fix? 

Without FanBox, the Web is already full of great knowledge where the author is not receiving compensation.



Is the FanBox Knowledge Economy broken?

Are we -- the FanBox Community (members, success coaches, employees) – ALL OF US -- failing to realize our mission as described above?

Are we failing to put many Knowledge Workers to work -- by enabling them to receive fair compensation when they produce?



If there's one thing that we -- the FanBox community -- have proven time and time again, it's that when we identify a problem – an “opportunity” as FanBoxers prefer to say -- a special magic happens.

A special spirit is revealed.

It screams, "All problems are simply opportunities. We will not quit. We will focus on this problem – this opportunity -- until we solve it”.

You prove this spirit every day when you sign in to FanBox and pour your heart, time and energy into your fans, blogs and Ads.

The growing army of success coaches proves their spirit every day, as they reach down to help the others climb the ladder that they've painstakingly ascended.

Employees have also proven their spirit -- working long hours - sometimes without pay – sometimes for years -- at great emotional and/or financial cost to themselves.


Once again, that spirit -- your spirit -- has materialized into yet another invention -- another breakthrough.


And I submit that this invention is one of the great ones.


It's great because it speaks right to the heart of the challenges described above.

This invention will create even more focus for Knowledge Producers -- so they can really roll up their sleeves and FOCUS on what they do best: educate, inform or entertain.

This invention makes it more likely that their posts will not go without visitors and earnings.


The invention also speaks to Knowledge Promoters -- so they too can focus on what they do best: Efficiently bringing together two different parties -- Knowledge Producers and Consumers. 

It ensures that their good Ads will get served - even if they run out of money.


And the technology enables a whole new role in the FanBox Knowledge Economy, that of...

The Knowledge Booster


Next, let’s look at what the Knowledge Booster product and role is.


Ophie L

You hit it big about the Fanbox problems...good blogs and Ads not getting any visitors....WHY???

100 months ago
! Vivianفيفيان

Good new feature in fanbox...Thanks!

100 months ago