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What's wrong with these Ads?

What's wrong with these Ads?

Looking at the Ad in the top right: Does that image look like John Lennon?

How about the other Ads: Are those the images that come to mind when you think about historical events?

Clearly, this is an attempt by the creator of these Ads - using the idea that "Sex Sells" -- to catch our attention, and make us click, even though the image has nothing to do with what the blog post is all about.

All Ad titles, images, body and tags must match what the blog post is primarily about.

Any attempts to go around this very simple rule and you're creating a lot of work for people -- and it's not fair to them.

NOTE: If your post is primarily about ladies in bathing suits, then by all means feel free to use an image of a lady in a bathing suit. 

But here's the bottom line:

As we've discussed many times before, if your objectives (such as making money) are more important than the community's objectives, such that you really don't care what damage your actions are doing to the community, then you're out

Your account gets deleted.

Look, we don't have the resources to personally contact each person that decides to make FanBox his personal toilet to discuss his/her actions.

We could hire a lot of people to do that, but then we would have less funds to provide to the community.

So our approach to such matters, is simply: USE YOUR BRAIN. 

Don't have a brain? That's too bad. You're still out. While we feel bad for you, you don't belong in the Knowledge Economy. Maybe the Porn Ecomony or Stupid Economy -- but you're in the wrong place.

So, go take a look at ALL your Ads today, and make sure each of their titles, image, body and tags all match what the blog post is primarily about. If they don't match, take them down immediately.

Starting in 48 hours, accounts are going down -- disappearing from FanBox FOREVER.

Please don't write to me, your Success Coach or Customer Service and attempt to negotiate about this, or ask for us to review your Ads individually.  USE YOUR BRAIN. We simply do not have the time to waste on people that shoudn't be here in the first place.

When in doubt, take it down.

I see this as a very clear, open / shut situation. FanBox is not your personal toliet. You should be ashamed of yourself. The Success Coaches and I will ensure that all such Ads are taken down, along with their owner's accounts.

Thanks to everyone for helping make FanBox a community that doesn't look like the bathroom walls of a porn shop.


ArchyLen F‿



97 months ago
Meliha Colic

Thank you very much Johnny for this post and the fair warning about the ADS. You are absolutely right when you said in your post that the title and the photo have to match for the AD.

97 months ago
May Ram

I am not too late this time..
You said it all JC. Thank you for being here for us. xxx

97 months ago
! Vivianفيفيان

Thanks for this information.
I created lots of ads for my own blogs and other blogger too.
I have a long list of do's and dont's for creating ads.
This post serve as a warning to all of us.
Thank you so much JC *_*

97 months ago
Iftikhar Ahmad

I think this is the time when we can save this community from that kind of stuff. Thanks JC for raising this main issue. Even now we can't open FanBox in front of our family. I am also going to check my all ads if I have any mature stuff I will delete it. This is our family community and it is our duty to save it for our future generation.Thank JC for your support and help.

97 months ago
Johnny Cash

Thanks for your support, good citizens of the world!

It's never fun to give or receive "rules" -- so I appreciate your support! :)

97 months ago
Kristin Perry

I have a blog on why ads keep getting rejected. Please feel free to check it out. I will be linking this blog to it. Thank you!

66 months ago
Johnny Cash

To be clear everyone, I'll repeat:

It is OK to have images of ladies in bathing suits -- but ONLY if those images relates to the the PRIMARY topic of your blog posts.

If your blog post is PRIMARILY about FOOTBALL, then do not show images of half-naked ladies in your Ad.

In that manner, if someone is interested in FOOTBALL, they should NOT see Ads with ladies in bathing suits - but they will see Ads that show FOOTBALLS and similar images.

It's really very simple: THINK. If it sounds gray -- if you're not sure... then simply don't do it.

We have a big job ahead of us now -- visiting over 100,000 Ads to take down the Ads where the images, titles, body or tags do not match the blog post -- that should never have been approved in the first place.

Thanks for everyone's understanding.

97 months ago
Kristin Perry

I think you should include the link to the "small print of Fanbox"-- Terms of Use/Terms of Service agreement. Not everyone bothers to read the TOU before signing themselves up, but they should. I see so much content that is obviously against the TOU. I've even met some people who didn't even know that Fanbox even had a TOU. Well....duh! Every website has a TOU! I've been including the link to Fanbox's TOU in some of my own blogs.

66 months ago
Vendell G

Ditto. Some lowbrows just never understand. It might be on their minds, but as you say so eloquently, "tasteless". Keep up the good work JC.

97 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

Great Johnny, that make our community more better and better. this is the good lesson for everyone.

thank you, picture in ads must match the post content, I also think like what you lecture here.

97 months ago