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Double your profits... INSTANTLY


Have you noticed your new "Path to Success" at the top of your Genie?

Instantly double your profits

This shows how close you are to Graduating.

Starting today, Graduates make double the profits.

Yes, you read this correctly.

Those of you that have Graduated, earn exactly twice as much from blogging.

Twice as much profit from your Ads.

Twice as much from Boosting (previously known as "Investing").

Your profits are simply doubled ON EVERYTHING if you are a Graduate.

Instantly double your profits

For example, today if you would have earned $15 from blogging, you'll now earn $30.

If you would have earned a PROFIT of $100 from Boosting, your profit is now $200.  

--> Notice I said "Profit". In Boosting and "Ads that you fund", your profit is your total earnings minus what you had Boosted (invested).

For example, if you Boosted (invested) $80 and earned $100, your profit was $20. If you are a Graduate, you would now earn a profit of $40 instead of $20.

Of course in many activities on FanBox - such as Blogging or "Ads that you don't fund", your Profit is the same thing as your earnings.

For example, if you earn $10 from blogging, that's ALL profit (there was no cost to you), so now you would earn $20 if you are a Graduate.

Check out the colorful arrows:

Instantly double your profits

Each arrow shows whether you have completed that step or not.

To see what still needs to be done to complete any step, simply point at each color (with your mouse) -- and a little pop-up will tell you your current status:

Instantly double your profits

So, to point out the obvious but crucial point:

Make sure you complete each step and Graduate, because each day that you are not a Graduate, you are wasting money.

In other words, if you are NOT a Graduate and earned $10 today, this means that you wasted $10...

... and that $10 is gone forever.

(Because if you were a Graduate, you would have earned $20 instead of $10)

So, stop wasting time & money.

Graduate today and, additionally, you instantly become eligible to become a Success Coach which, as we all know by now, is quickly becoming one of the best ways to BOTH help your fellow FanBoxers AND earn the most money.

Any questions? I'm here for you.

PS:  What's that little white arrow for?

Double your profits... INSTANTLY!

It's just there for the new Products and Services features that will soon be yours.

Do you need to do anything about it to Graduate and double your profits?

No  - not at all... just ignore it. :)


Meliha Colic

These are amazing news JC. Thank you very much for givng us useful tips on new program. Thank you for bringing us something new and giving us an opportunity to earn even more.

96 months ago
Anna .

Awesome news, JC!

Seems that FanBox keeps getting better every day.:)
Thanks for the info!

96 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

I'm very impress of what fanbox can make. I wonder what will comes next?

96 months ago
Khaleel Daud

Great News! Thanks JC!

96 months ago
Ophie L

thanks for the update...

96 months ago
Dennis Richards

Very Interesting , I Have Learned Something New Today.

96 months ago
Sari Along

great..great..i'm graduated now..:-)

96 months ago