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"The Future of FanBox" webinar rescheduled to Friday (Feb 10)

There has been some confusion surrounding the FanBox Webinar.

Some community members believed it was only open for Success Coaches.

That is not true!

The webinar is for EVERYONE - not just Success Coaches!

  --> ALL FanBox members may attend. <--

Therefore, to ensure the word has time to spread -- so that everyone has the opportunity to attend -- we are rescheduling the Webinar call to Friday, Feb 10 - at the same exact time of day. 

I apologize for the misunderstanding.

See you Friday! 


New access code:  https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/419878574


Ophie L

thank you for the update....

95 months ago
Shehreyar10 (Free Consultant)

that's good jc you are right that every one can attend the webinar not only Success coaches, you are right every one think that this was only for success coaches. Thanks for information now i am going to bed because here is 1:20 am

95 months ago
Mudassir Rashid

I will join the webinar, it will be a great source of information.

95 months ago
Khaleel Daud

Thanks for this early updates JC!...because as by now...I am on the line...to wait the time of the Webinar.

95 months ago
Bash Syed

what kind of webinar ?? i didnt attend any

95 months ago
Bash Syed

but i think it is good step coz some experienced fanbox users dont want to be a sc ;)

95 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

ok jc no probs.

95 months ago
Rosalia Marco-Vidanes

that's why..I'm so excited, I'm already in the seminar room and a notice says "the webinar should start in a few seconds." Anyway, Chris Suckling has raised a good point. If it's possible can a recording of the webinar be made available for everyone? thanks.

95 months ago