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GO BIG with your own media company

Hi everyone,

It's been fun watching everyone creating their new Products, Services and Premium Blog Packages these last few days.

Of course the question everyone has is: When does the "Buy Now" button get activated?

And the answer is: Very soon. I believe the engineers are only about 1 to 1 1/2 weeks away from launch. The team is completing some final testing before giving it their final "seal of approval". I promise to keep you posted, as always.

There's an idea floating around for people to make a lot of money with, while having a lot of fun at the same time.

   --> This idea revolves around building your own TV Channel.

For example, below you can check out this channel that some of our community members are creating.

They are calling it: "The FanBox Report".  

Note: FanBox is NOT the creator and producer of this channel -- but FanBox is OK with them using the "FanBox" name because they are very clear (in and around the video) that the video is NOT something from FanBox, but is from FanBox community members.

You can watch the first part of the episode below; then click "Read More" below to watch the 2nd part.

NOTE: The entire episode is free to watch today.

(So, how will they earn money with their channel?)

Well, in the future, the producers plan on making the 2nd part of each episode only viewable after viewers pay a small amount of money -- using a Premium Blog Package -- so the producers can earn money.

And it will be a monthly subscription -- meaning that the viewer will pay some amount of money each month (as determined by the producers) to have access to the channel -- so the creators only need to ask their viewers to click "Buy Now" once.

After that, the viewer will be automatically charged each month (and therefore have access to all episodes) and the producers will automatically receive earnings from all their subscribers.

This is called "Recurring Revenue": Now the producers will have a growing and predictable stream of earnings -- that they they need to pay for equipment, staff and more, as they build their media company!

We wish lots of luck to the producers of "The FanBox Report"!

Be sure to give a big shout out to the producers of "The FanBox Report": ChrisArleneSyChristina & Joe

I know many others are thinking about launching their own channels in different categories -- so this is a fantastic opportunity to learn from them. 


Do you want to own your own media company?

What channel(s) will YOU create?


Johnny Cash


1) Good question. Tara is dead-on: FanBox has built its own video serving platform, much like YouTube, with its own servers and player -- and the big difference is that people can ensure that everyone watching the premium portion of their videos have paid.

2) I don't think it will be fair to the seller to force their buyers to have to go do something else first (such as try boosting) before purchasing their product, because that will result in less purchases and earnings for them.

Thanks for keeping your thinking caps on! :)

94 months ago
Kristin Perry

When I clicked on the second video, I received a message, "This video does not exist." I just thought I would let you know.

74 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

It's so great. Thanks for this group of producers.

Arlene looks so pretty and attractive.

94 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

yes, That's right.

80 months ago
Shehreyar10 (Free Consultant)

Great Johnny cash, i am so amazed when i see this post. Thanks for being thinking only for us.

94 months ago
Ophie L

interesting idea and fantastic innovation.....

94 months ago
Dennis Richards

This Is an excellent job every one is doing by building you own media company , I wish everyone all the best and good luck.

94 months ago
Krishna Singh

Intersting . The possibilities are mind boggling. It is going to be the real revolution evisioned by founders of FaBox. Thanks JC for igniting the imagination of all who read this.

94 months ago