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Earn by BIDDING on products & services

FanBox Auctions are live!

(Go here to read the announcement & learn to sell Products & Services with Auctions).

This is a very exciting product especially because it will help FanBoxers earn.

In this post, I’ll show you how to earn by bidding – thanks to a new FanBox invention – something that’s never been done before:



When you place a bid on something, all your friends and fans will see your bid in their feed – like this:

Earn by BIDDING on products & services?

Money-Making Idea # 1:

As you can see, by placing a bid, you automatically spread the item to your friends and fans.

They can then instantly place a bid on that item directly from their feed.

From their feed, if a friend or fan places a bid and wins the auction, you get credit for that:

You earn 6% of the final price!

As you can see, bidding is a fantastic way to earn – because when you bid, you’re also acting as a promoter for the item -- so you earn as a result.


But wait – it gets even better: 

When you bid on something, the seller’s friends and fans also see YOUR bid in their feed – so YOU get credit if any of them bid.

Yes, that means that you’re getting credit for both YOUR friends and fans -- and THE SELLER’S friends and fans!


OK, hold on… there’s more: Are you ready for this?

Make sure you’re sitting down for this:

If ANY of your friends or fans – or ANY of the seller’s friends or fans – comments on your bid -- or Likes it -- or even reposts it – your bid will then spread to that person’s friends and fans too (the friends and fans of the person that commented, Liked or reposted your bid).

And if any of those new people comment, Like or repost it – it spreads even further – and so on and so forth…  

… like a virus that’s gone crazy-viral…

… all the while increasing the number of people that notice YOUR bid from hundreds of people… to thousands of people… and beyond. 

Remember: ALL those people can place a bid (on the thing that you had bid on) directly from their feed, and:

 When ANY of them bid, YOU get credit: 6% of the final price


As you can see, it’s almost foolish to NOT bid on something cool you notice!

Many people will earn lots – by bidding on products and services that spread virally through the community!


OK, so what if you end up winning an auction, but you really didn’t want to own the auctioned item?

Don’t worry! Just check out Money-Making Idea #2, below.


Money-Making Idea 2:

Now, let’s say that you bid on something, and you end up winning the auction.

And let’s say that you don’t really need or want this item. 

Check this out: 

As soon as you win the item, you can instantly turn around and auction it on FanBox! 

You don’t even need to wait for the item to be shipped to you.

Just tell the person that sold it to you, to hold on the shipping… 

Then, when your own auction has a winner, send your buyer’s shipping address to the person that sold it to you.

In this manner, the product is shipped directly from the person that sold it to you, to the person that bought it from you. 

You didn’t even need to deal with shipping or handling the item.

And since you’re not shipping the item, in your auction you can offer free shipping -- which your buyers will love!


So, start earning by bidding!

Anyone ready for FanBox Auctions? :)


Shehreyar10 (Free Consultant)

Nice and unbelievable opportunity dear JC, every thing is going to awesome way. You make us amazed every time when you post some thing. Thanks for share.

92 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

So wow! This will be exciting. Thanks fro the news JC.

92 months ago
Mudassir Rashid

Yes I am ready and excited!

92 months ago
Khaleel Daud

Very entertaining and I am having fun for making my bids... :) Thanks JC...for good and exciting features in Fanbox.

92 months ago