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Auctions are LIVE!

by Johnny Cash on May 15, 2012

Auctions are live!

In your Dashboard, under Provide, notice some new things:Auctions are LIVE!

You can easily switch your products and services to be sold in an auction (instead of fixed price), by visiting your "I'm Selling page":

Auctions are LIVE!

From there, click on each of your products or services that you want to convert to an auction, and notice the new choice there:

Auctions are LIVE!

Click the green "Continue" button, and on the next page, you'll find your auction controls:

Auctions are LIVE!

Your Starting Price is where the bidding starts. Set this low to ensure you create excitement and your product or service gets lots of bids.

Remember, every time someone bids on your product or service, your item gets shown to all of their friends and fans -- so set your Starting Bid low to get lots of excitement and bids.

The "reserve price" is the very least you are willing to accept for your item. Your product or service will not be sold for less than that.

It is recommended that you do NOT use the reserve price - as it may turn people off from bidding on your items in the future. If you do use it, try and keep it as low as possible.

If you're selling a service, you can charge an additional "Gas cost" fee. If you're selling a Product, you can charge for Shipping. 

There are no fees taken out for Gas or Shipping. The entirety of that amount will be inserted into your bank when the sale is complete.


It's as simple as that!

The best way to learn how to use Auctions is to play with it!

Start by auctioning some things around the house that you are no longer using. The more interesting or valuable it is, the more likely you'll get lots of bids and excitement around your auction!

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Any questions? I'm here for you!


Shehreyar10 (Free Consultant)

Amazing announcement dear JC.

92 months ago
Johnny Cash

@ Vuong van D?: You are right, my friend. That is the plan.

It's going to be a busy summer. You will see a LOT of improvements to the social networking functions, as well as many new features, as the size of the engineering team is set to TRIPLE within the next 45 days. Thanks for your patience - we're almost there.

92 months ago
Johnny Cash

@Chrystal: Maturation from Auctions is the same as Fixed cost. As your volume increases, maturity accelerates to as little as 0 (zero) days.

You can read about faster maturation for Providers here: http://posts.fanbox.com/wttl4

92 months ago
A. Y. Z.

I agree with you Arun, the Auction seems like a more fun way to sell products.

92 months ago
Johnny Cash

@Cindy Woods: To see the bids you are getting, visit your DashBoard, Provide tab. Click the "I'm selling" button to see a list of the things you are selling. Click any of them to see the product, and click "Bids" to see all the bids that product or service has received.

@Inamullah Khan: You cannot cancel your bid because that's not fair to the seller. When you place a winning bid, the last person's winning bid money is returned to them.

@Jose Ronito: Yes, it is live in all countries. Send me an email if you are still having an issue.

@Mona: I will pass your design / color suggestion to the design team.

92 months ago