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1 bad news; 4 better news


First, the bad news.

Did anyone notice that some people have been earning some crazy amounts these last few weeks – specifically, tens of thousands of dollars?

Well, I am sorry to report that starting on March 22nd, for a period of 6 weeks, there was a glitch in the Ad system.

The glitch made it so that Promoters (Advertisers) were not actually being charged for their Ads every day.

(Even though it may have seemed like they were being charged, they were not).

This meant that the next day, their Ad money was still in their bank account, ready to be used for Ads again.


Here’s an example of what that did for one person's WEEKLY earnings:

1 bad news; 4 better news

And another:

1 bad news; 4 better newsAs you can see, their weekly earnings really took off (during the time period where the bug was active)!  

This type of error can cause heartache for members, and as a result, everyone here in the FanBox offices is holding their heads low today.

FanBox sincerely regrets this glitch, and hopes it has not caused serious issues for anyone.

If this happened to you, please accept our deepest apology from everyone at FanBox.



OK, let’s move on to the better news:

1)   Since this money comes from the community pool and therefore belongs to all FanBox members, it must be returned to the community pool to the benefit of all FanBoxers.

(If you were one of the people affected, you will notice that your bank balance has or will be adjusted to where it should have been. If you wish to speak to someone about it, please notice the information at the bottom of this post).

2)   If nothing else, some of us have witnessed and learned, first hand, what (good things) happen when we have a bit of money in our FanBox Banks.

This is one of the secrets of how Arlene, May Ram and others have earned a whole lot of money:

They topped up - using that money to accelerate their earnings and get years ahead of everyone else.

So beg, borrow or steal some money – and top-up your FanBox Bank to accelerate your earnings – now that you see what you or others were able to accomplish with just a little bit of extra money.


3)   A number of FanBoxers pointed out the issue to FanBox – not wanting credit or even recognition – which as always, is simply so amazing to witness.

Again, what a great thing to witness first-hand!

It seems like every time I begin to lose faith in humanity, something like this happens where we are all reminded what an amazing group of people have come together to form this community.


4)   As FanBox’s way of saying “We’re very, very sorry!” and as a “Thank You” to the community for being so incredible, FanBox is waiving all fees for Auctions during the remainder of May and June, 2012.

Promoters and Success Coaches and the rest of the community will still earn on every sale made, as always, but the seller gets 100% of the price of the items sold – starting today.


For those people that have been affected by this glitch:

Jonny Mollins has been assigned to help you, if you need to speak to someone. 

As you can imagine, Mr. Mollins will be very, very busy as a result of this glitch, so please don’t contact him if you don’t really need to.



Once again, I am sorry for this glitch and any negative feelings or effects it may have had on your life.

I wish I could promise you “no more glitches” but as we all know, the only way to promise that, is to stop innovating and building new technologies for you – which is no good.


Any questions? I am here for you.

Please do not leave comments here that are personal in nature or relate to your personal account. Instead, write to Jonny Mollins.  


Katherine Nlcitizen

Updates must move on... Glitches can be fix, so there is actually no probelem with that :) Thanks JC and Fanbox, your apology is not acceptable.... Ops! your apology is always acceptable for me.

92 months ago
Jasha Good Luck

we'll bear with you the FanBox team still have patience to exist hope that these things will not recur for minority to rejoice and majority to lament.Thanks for your information.

92 months ago