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Launch of new features: 
IPL switch & Power User badges 

Hi everyone!  A couple of quick announcements:

Turning off IPL

In your IPL page, you'll notice a simple switch:Launch of IPL switch & Power User badges

When you turn off IPL, it instructs the boosting and ads algorithms to no longer use your available IPL funds for your live ads and boosts.

Turning off IPL makes the system act like you don't have IPL...

... which means that from that moment forward, for your live ads and boosts the system will instead use any funds in your FanBox Bank that are matured enough for boosting and ads.

Keep in mind that any IPL amounts that you have already utilized will remain utilized, of course. 

Anytime you want to, you can switch it back on. While its off, your overall IPL Limit will not increase.


Power User badges

If you are a Power User, you'll now notice the Power User badge in the top (black) navigation bar:

 Launch of IPL switch & Power User badges

Power User badges will start popping up in all kinds of places, such as in your profile, for everyone to see:Launch of IPL switch & Power User badges
If you pay close attention, in the coming days you will start to notice that Power Users will be earning a lot more than they were before...

... as the algorithms catch up with the strategy of ensuring that Power Users are taking home the lion's share of earnings -- for reasons discussed at length

Welcome to the age of the Power User

It's official: In the coming weeks and months, FanBox will be spending a ton of resources to develop super-powers for Power Users -- making their FanBox experience more powerful, efficient, faster and more fun.

And especially more profitable: By the end of this week or beginning of next week, the difference in income potential (for every single knowledge & earning role in FanBox) will become self-evident.

My advice?  

If you're using FanBox to meet people; to share your ideas and thoughts; to generate earnings; or to uplift the community and/or make a difference in the world around you...

... without a doubt -- you'll want to become and remain a Power User.

Learn how here


Any questions? I'm here for you.


Le Thanh Kong

They are really cool features on FanBox. That's great news.

84 months ago
Gems Babent

In fact this site benefits us by using our time, efforts to help every one not only money matters so no question JC, thanks so much.

84 months ago
Ophie L

Great new features.......IPL switch and Power User badge.
Everybody now wish to become Power users to take advantage of the super powers.
Thank you for updating us JC.

84 months ago
Abdul Ali

great post thanks for sharing

84 months ago
Hari Majumder

Great news.
I have a question.:
Can IP{ limit and eligible balance of matured earnings be simultaneously used for boost and ads?

84 months ago
Alex Aurora

fantastic news!
I cannot wait to become a Power User!
FanBox is awesome ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

84 months ago
CArMz Ca

Wow! great and more exciting to be a FanBoxer.. Good news :)

84 months ago

Great news, waiting to have that badge :-)
but I have a question, for the FanBoxers who already used the IPL and now want to switch off the IPL? I know they have to pay the fees for the utilized money til they paid down their IPL, after that will they have to pay the minimum fees or no more fees for them?

84 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi Koko -- after they've paid down their IPL there are no more fees.

84 months ago

Thank you :-)

84 months ago
Just Jeff


84 months ago