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Two (2) new awards & bonuses for Success Coaches

Going forward, we will be honoring and awarding our very best Success Coaches.

And along with normal earnings for Success Coaches, two (2) new bonuses have been added for them.

Below, I’ll describe these awards and bonuses, by first explaining what we’re attempting to accomplish.


In this post, I’ll also tell you how you can:

a. --- become a Success Coach yourself

b. --- check out which Success Coaches are the most successful

------ switch to a different Success Coach if you like



If you’ve been around for more than a few days, you probably know that FanBox’s mission is:

          To uplift humanity by enabling opportunity

            (You can read more about the FanBox Mission)

So, exactly how are we going to accomplish this mission?

The FanBox approach is guided by these five beliefs:

1.  The power & opportunity in the world are moving away from the people with capital (money) – and towards the people with knowledge.

This is happening because the jobs are moving out of the farms and factories (which require capital to own)… 

…. to knowledge roles that require nothing more than a Web connection – and some knowledge

(You can read more about the knowledge revolution)


2.  Therefore, to accomplish its mission, FanBox creates Web technologies that enable people to earn using their knowledge

FanBox’s engineers have many inventions and patents  (Learn more)

FanBox provides knowledge roles that allow people to earn   (Learn more)


3.  For FanBox to truly succeed at its mission, it must ensure that its profits and control belong to the people

Profits are flowing to the community, and have been for years now  
(Learn about FanBox’s history)

Freedom (control) has recently begun to flow to the people   (Learn more)


4.   To ensure FanBox’s democracy doesn’t fall into the trap that most democracies in the world have fallen into, it is placing EDUCATION and its educators at the heart of its political system

In FanBox, the educators are called Success Coaches

To help squash corruption, all politicians must first prove that they have the desire and skills required to serve the people – by being a Success Coach  
(Read why in: Democracy is broken)

Important areas of policy are delegated to skilled groups with deep topic knowledge – protected from the grasp of politics, special interests, and the rich and powerful  
(Read more about that in: Democracy: A cure)


5.  To attract and retain the very smartest and most capable people from the community into the role of educator...

... the best Success Coaches would need to be compensated as well as -- or even better than -- other roles

In America and many countries, the most successful teachers are paid much less than their counterparts in industry -- partially because there’s no agreed-upon way to measure success.

FanBox has spent years working on the measurement system for its educators


Therefore, to ensure our most successful educators are continually compensated better and better…

 I am delighted to announce these 2 awards:


The Excellence in Success Coaching award

Success Coaches are measured on a variety of variables, one of which is the quality of their service and coaching.

Starting next Tuesday, if you notice a Success Coach with this bonus in their earnings (visible from their profile), you’ll know that he or she is being awarded for the quality of their coaching.


The SC Economy Builder Distinction

One of the most important things we need to accomplish, for the young FanBox democracy to survive -- so we can accomplish our mission -- is grow the FanBox economy.

Once a democracy’s economy is strong, it won’t die. 

Thirty-four democratic countries have existed where the average annual income of citizens was above $9,000, and not one has died.

On the other hand, of the nearly 70 democratic regimes that were poorer, almost 40 failed -- a death rate of nearly 60% percent.  

(You can read why economics must precede democracy in: The Challenge)

By helping you succeed (IE: earn more money) your Success Coach is an economy builder. 

So, if you notice your Success Coach with this distinction and bonus, you’ll know that he or she is being awarded for their success in building the FanBox economy.


So, which Success Coaches are the most successful?

You can now see which Success Coaches…

… are rated the best by their students

… respond the quickest to questions from their students

… are the best economy builders


To see those things, just visit the Success Coach selection page (watch the video to learn how) and remember that you can sort the different columns by clicking the top of any column…  Two (2) new awards & bonuses for Success Coaches   


... and you can roll over any bar to view more specific data.
       Two (2) new awards & bonuses for Success Coaches 


To learn how to switch your Success Coach, watch this quick video: Switching your Success Coach

By the way, have you hugged your Success Coach today?

        If not, why not go and do that right now?

You Success Coach is human, works very hard, and could probably use a simple “Thank you” and virtual hug. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Send some love to your Success Coach now! ;)


Do YOU want to be a Success Coach?

If you love helping people & working towards a higher purpose...

... and you aren’t afraid of hard work...

... then speak with Zoe.


Zoe would love to give you details and show you the way.



Any questions? I’m here for you.


Hazel Rodriguez

This will uplift success coaches and encouraged them more to share their knowledge to their students. Thanks.

82 months ago
Yuling Guo

"Success Coach is an economy builder. " should be deserved.

82 months ago
Gems Babent

A commendation for all the hard working of coaches, yes indeed I changed my coach 3 times because of response time, so now currently my coach responding me on time so I gave him an excellent mark and a reason that all my questions and doubts were answered. Now in return, a lots of thanks and hugs I should send to my generous coach and expecting that he will be among those to be Awarded and to Receive Bonuses by honorable JC, Thanks.

82 months ago
Gems Babent

Krum ajemma... cham te kukchung ma.

82 months ago
Shehreyar10 (Free Consultant)

Thank you JC.

82 months ago
Evelyn Damayon

The success coaches are the guidance counselors for newbies. Without them many will not succeed at this site.

82 months ago
Soumitra Bhattacharjee

Nice to hear that our SC's are being awarded for their hard work I would love to become a Success Coach, but as I would be able to dedicate only 2-3 hours at most, so I have not applied for it. Once I am able to give more time, I would love to become a SC, till then I would love to keep learning from the experts here. Thanks.

82 months ago
George Neacsu

Great motivation JC for Success Coaches. They fully deserve this awards! Great job!

82 months ago
CArMz Ca

Awesome! and inspiring indeed!

Thanks JC.

82 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

It's a great news! thank you so much!

82 months ago
Nav नव

A HUG for all the sucess coaches and for you too J C

82 months ago
Ophie L

Great incentives for SCs for all the hard work. Cheers to all hardworking SCs!!!

82 months ago
Rowena Dionisio

if sc success well its out success too.......so congrats to the sc

82 months ago