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2 New Products:  “Top Stories” and “Hide”

In the coming days, I’ll be announcing a series of new product features, which as you will soon see, have been designed and developed to closely work together.

The objective of almost all these new features is to:

1.  help you earn more

2.  help you achieve more with less time

3.  help you be more efficient

4.  make your overall FanBox experience more fun


Two (2) new product features that I’ll talk about in this post, are “Top Stories” and “Hide”. 


First, let’s discuss “Top Stories”. 

In your homepage feed, you’ll notice a new control titled “Sort”:
               2 New Products:  “Top Stories” and “Hide”


Click it to reveal two (2) choices:  “Top Stories” and “Most Recent”:
               2 New Products:  “Top Stories” and “Hide” 

One purpose of this software feature is to deliver better time management to you.

Think of it as a highly intelligent robot, that’s under your control and has one major objective:

Help you use your time as effectively as possible, so that you maximize what you want out of FanBox…

…earnings, valuable relationships, and enjoyment…

… while spending as little time as absolutely needed….

… so you have more time to spend on the other things in your life (outside of FanBox) that you value most…

… such as family, friends, rest and relaxation, along with your other passions and opportunities.


How it works at a high level

This product analyzes how you use FanBox, and learns from the choices you make.

It takes advantage of thousand of decisions that you make over an extended period of time, to learn who and what you care about the most. 

As it learns, it puts that knowledge to use...

... by showing you more stories from the people you care about the most…

… and less stories from the people you, well, don’t care as much to hear from.

LOOK: FanBox wants to continue to earn your trust…

… by being different from other sites and communities that want you to spend as much time on their site as possible.

FanBox wants you to spend less time on the Web – by using technology to enable you to get the results you seek with less of your time….

…  so you have more time for the many other things that should and do matter to you.

After all, what is the value of earnings, if you lose touch with the real reasons that you wish to earn more? 

(No one wants money just to have money…. They want it for the things that it can bring them, such as more time and comfort with loved ones; more safety, security and peace of mind, etc).

This technology also helps you earn more, by highlighting the people and stories that are most likely to help you build your fan base and grow your earnings.  

(This is an important topic – the depth of which will become more apparent as you read the next 5 or 6 "new product announcement" posts that I am preparing for you).


Let's take a deeper look at how “Top Stories” works, and how you can control it:

When you read your homepage feed in “Top Stories” mode, the FanBox system is working for you – bringing you more of the things you want, and less of the things you don’t want.

On the other hand, when you view your homepage in “Most Recent” mode, you’re asking for everything – with no filtering or intelligence applied for you.

Of course you’ll want to read your homepage feed in “Top Stories” mode. But how does the technology decide what becomes "Top"...

... and what are some of the ways you can control it?

For starters, each time you visit someone’s profile, send them an email, read their blog, or click on their photos – of course you are teaching the system that you are more interested in that person.

And because you are interested in them, their activities will be more likely to show up in your Top Stories.

The system looks at over 100 different actions and patterns to decide what and who matters to you.

But what if you’re looking at someone’s stories in your feed, and wish they were no longer in your Top Stories? What can you do?

Well, the easiest way to ensure someone's stories no longer show up in your homepage feed – is to stop being their friend or fan.

But what if you don’t want to stop being their friend or fan?

That’s where the “Hide” feature enters the picture.

“Hide” is a new function that appears at the bottom of most feed stories:
 2 New Products:  “Top Stories” and “Hide” 

By clicking “Hide” on a story from someone, you are instructing the FanBox system to quietly remove stories from them in your Top Stories for now        

I say “quietly” because this happens without their knowledge that you took that action. 

They will never know that you are hiding them in your feed.

I say “for now” because you are still a friend or fan of theirs…

…  and so, in the future, if the system learns that you are becoming more interested in them again, it might start bringing their activities to your Top Stories again.



Check out my homepage feed:
      2 New Products:  “Top Stories” and “Hide” 

As you can see, I have stories there from Lana, Dawn, Gloria and Love Timeless.

Notice that there are 3 stories from Gloria. (In the image, I’ve inserted 3 orange arrows pointing to her stories).

Now let’s say that I wish to hide Gloria's stories.

If I press the “Hide” link (near the bottom of any of those stories – I have circled one of them in orange)…

… here’s what happens:
       2 New Products:  “Top Stories” and “Hide” 

Notice that all the stories from Gloria are gone! (Those stories previously appeared where the orange arrow is).

From this point forward, stories from Gloria will no longer appear in my Top Stories feed.

However, they will still appear in my “Most Recent” feed, because I am still a fan of Gloria.

OK, wait.

My life will not be complete if I am not receiving my stories from Gloria, so I need to undo what I did above!

I need to teach the FanBox system that I DO indeed value stories from Gloria as “Top Stories”!

Here’s what I’m going to do:

I will simply find Gloria’s profile…

… from any of a dozen sources, such as the Leaderboard, or an email that I sent or received from her, or a comment she left in one of my favorite blog posts or photos, or a comment she left in a friend’s profile, or from my list of friends or fans….

…. and I will click her photo or name, to visit her profile.

Now, upon returning to my homepage feed, and refreshing it, I can see that she is back in my Top Stories! 

The FanBox system quickly learned that I’m still interested in Gloria (as everyone that knows her is, I am sure)!  ;)

Try it for yourself!


Helping your friends and fans earn more

When you Like or comment on a friend's or fan's post, you're distributing their post to all YOUR friend and fans -- helping them earn more!

This is an important aspect of success... helping others succeed, so they are more motivated to help you succeed.

Anyone and everyone that has ever succeeded big, will tell you that to succeed, you need to have a mindset of helping others. 

Those that learn to help others, create reciprocity in their friends and fans -- and benefit from the multiplying "power of the network".


Pop Quiz

In the following story – if I press “Hide” – who will I be hiding from my Top Stories – Riss (who commented on the photo)... or Tivadar (who uploaded the photo)?
        2 New Products:  “Top Stories” and “Hide” 





Because it was Riss that distributed the story that I am hiding.

Remember, when you Like something or comment on it, you are distributing it to your friends and fans.

If they don’t appreciate what YOU distributed, they might press “Hide” – hiding all YOUR future posts from their feed.


As you can see, the optimal strategy for staying in the Top Stories of your friends and fans, will involve THINKING….

… to ensure the things you post, Like or comment on, are of high quality….

… and avoiding posting items (blogs posts, photos, etc.) that are of low value or quality.

The earnings game in FanBox is changing, as you will soon conclude if you have not already…

… and the lion’s share of earnings will now go to people that are intelligent and focused around how they use their key assets...

(especially their brains and ability to distinquish between low quality and high quality)

... to accomplish their objectives.

In the coming days, Quality is about to become much, much more important….

…and those folks that can't distinquish between low and high value content (blog posts, photos, videos, etc) before uploading, posting, liking or commenting will not do nearly as well as those that can.


So what is the optimal strategy for staying in the Top Stories of your friends and fans?

We’ll dive into that soon in a new post I am working on for you.

For now, the best thing you can do is remember to NOT upload photos, post blog posts (or like or comment on items) that are of low quality.

(See someone that is uploading photo after photo that they have obviously found via Google images and are nothing special?

Use your power to HIDE them, as they are attempting to maximize their share of the earnings pool -- which takes earnings away from everyone else -- without providing much of value in return).

So should you upload something really good that you found on Google images or elsewhere on the Web?

Absolutely! If your friends and fans feel that what you have uploaded or shared is REALLY GOOD...

... because it uniquely entertained, informed or educated them, they will appreciate it and you...

... which means they will NOT hide you...

... PLUS...

... they just might also LIKE or COMMENT on your unique, high quality post -- spreading it even further -- which not only helps you earn more instantly...

... but also earns you more friends and fans -- who will keep receiving your new posts -- earning you more permanently... in the long term.

(Remember, when your readers share your posts using their comments or Likes, many of THEIR readers are not yet your friends and fans...

.... so the GREAT stuff you post makes them want to become your friends or fans).


HIGH QUALITY UNIQUE content = definitely DO upload or share  (because you'll earn more now; and earn more later with more friends and fans)

LOW QUALITY or NON-UNIQUE = definitely DO NOT upload or share (because you'll "effectively" lose the fans and friends you currently have, as they tune you out of their feed using the "Hide" function).  

(In fact, if this low quality or non-unique post came from someone else, protect the earnings pool and HIDE them).


Any questions? I’m here for you.


Katherine Nlcitizen

It looks like you have explained it completely.

79 months ago
Barabas Family

These are very-very useful and important new features ... it's all about QUALITY on FanBox.

79 months ago
Prashant Dimri

We most welcome this feature because we really feel many times that some people are catering the fan box by ob scenes and nude pics thats violating the rules and regulation..This feature will largely diminish that vulgarity...Thanks JC..Top stories are always welcomed and hidden are the low quality materials...................

79 months ago
Mudassir Rashid

I think if we found really valuable and amazing on Google images or any other site we should share that with our friends and fan on FanBox. It will surely increase our worth.

Thanks JC for the news, new features and controls.

79 months ago
Hazel Rodriguez

How about just HIDE the story that needs to be hidden and not all of the posts from a certain person, that way we don't need to go to a person's profile to bring her/him back to the top stories? If we hide someone's post and we forgot his/her name therefore in the future we cannot go to his/her profile to get him/her back to our feed (scan to the most recent stories?). These are all just questions and my opinion, I know that you just want to be fair to everybody. Why don't we just hide the source?

79 months ago
Erika Miskolczi

Thank you so much, looking forward to try and put into practice these new features....I'm glad I could save time to find posts that interest me in particular....and I'll could hide, all those posts not having the desired level for me :)

79 months ago
Tivadar Balázs

Hi Erika and others: if it is possible let me share it here: the Hungarian version of this post: http://posts.fanbox.com/mp5x5

79 months ago
Lars Karlsson

OK, just have to start working harder!!

79 months ago
Manolea Ciprian

Good possibility for us to choose what we agree and disagree about photos and choose the top stories.

79 months ago
Le Thanh Kong

This is really great news for FanBoxers. I will translate it into my language for most of my users. This post shows me that FanBox always orients to its users.
Thank you so much, Johnny Cash.

79 months ago
Edz Sam

In My Humble Opinion >>> Awesome Features, JC!

79 months ago