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Invites now open to Orange Power Users

 Invites now open to Orange Power Users

Here's what you need to know:

FanBox membership is now tightly controlled in order to maximize earnings for current members.

There is a precise number of activation codes issued and they are severely limited.  

When your activation code becomes available, if you don't use it, it is automatically returned to the invite pool so someone else can use it.

So if you want to help or invite a friend, you need to use it or it will be gone.

        (You can read full details about the new activation code system here)



Orange and higher Power Users:  Your activation code is available now.

Basic and Yellow Power Users: I will let you know when your activation code is available to you -- but you can check the invite page as often as you like.

Any questions? I'm here for you.


Haris Amin

jhonny when it will be available to yellow power users?

79 months ago
Johnny Cash

Soon, I hope. I will let you know.

79 months ago
Manolea Ciprian

Thank you for the info JC. I will wait for the Visa. Hope it will be release soon:)

79 months ago
Barkha Neeelam

Thank You JC for the information!

79 months ago
Barabas Family

Thanks for this new information !

79 months ago
Muhammad Aslam Abbasi


79 months ago
Paresh Kadam

Thank you JC for the information.

79 months ago