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Which readers help you earn the most?

As you may know, the new simplified earning algorithms have been launched…

… allowing all FanBoxers to simply earn when people view their blog posts, photos and, soon, videos in their homepage feeds.



Which people in the community help you earn the most when they read (view) your posts in their homepage feed?



The higher level Power Users


Let's discuss.

When a Basic Power User views your post in their feed, you earn approximately 12 times what you would from a non-Power User viewing that same post.


Does that make sense?

Basic Power Users are simply worth a lot more to your earnings than non-Power Users.


Because Basic Power Users bring tremendous value to the community and the attainment of its mission.

        (Read how Power Users are enabling the achievement of the mission)


What if a Yellow Power User views your post?

How much more are they helping your earnings?


And what about an Orange Power User?

And Green?


What about Blue?

And Purple?

And Red?


How much does each Power User level contribute to your earnings, relative to the other Power Levels?

To answer those questions, simply compare the size of the Earnings Potential bar, for each Power User level.

(I have taken the following images from the “Get More Power” page):
 Which readers help you earn the most? 


So, a Basic reader is worth 12 times as much as a non-Power User reader (to your direct earnings).

And as you can see, a Yellow reader is worth 4 times a Basic reader.

An Orange reader is worth twice as much as a Yellow reader.

A Green reader is worth twice as much as an Orange reader.

A Blue reader is worth two and a half times as much as a Green reader.

A Purple reader is worth twice as much as a Blue reader.

And a Red reader is worth a full 50% more than a Purple reader.


By the way: The “Earning Potential” bar always shows 100% full for the top available Power Level – and all other levels show as a % of the top level.

In the future, as more Power Levels are released, the top level will show as 100%, with Red and other colors showing as a % of that top level.

That does NOT mean that Red’s Earning Potential has been reduced.

It just means that a higher level has been released with even more potential.

Again, when new levels are released (which happens automatically when there is demand for them) the earnings potential of the lower levels is NOT reduced.

Their bar is just shown as a percentage of the top level.



As you can see, you want Power Users to be your fans.

And you REALLY want the top Power Users to be your fans.


So, what’s the best way to get Power User fans?

        Become their fan! 

When you do that, they’ll be presented with the opportunity to fan you back.


Should you send them (unwanted) emails?

If you really want your account to be deleted, that’s the way to go.



Here’s why you do NOT want to spam Power Users:

All users can click "Report Spam" on your email:
         Which readers help you earn the most?
When any FanBoxer clicks “Report Spam”, the email is forwarded to FanBox Customer Care for review.

If Customer Care finds that the email was spam, the spammer’s account is deleted without warning.



Guess whose spam reports are prioritized (brought) to the top of the Customer Care queue – to be reviewed first?


Power Users – sorted by higher levels first, of course.

New users: 

I think by now you’re starting to get the sense that this community is totally serious about honoring Power Users in the interest of the successful accomplishment of our mission.

(Want to understand the spirit behind many of the decisions being made? Read about our mission here)


So, you DON’T want to spam Power Users (or spam anyone, for that matter).

But to maximize your earnings, you do want Power Users to view your posts.

Again, the best way to do that is to become a fan of a Power User every time you see one that you’re not already a fan of.


Lastly, remember that you don’t just want fans, you want LOYAL fans.


1.  Because loyal fans are the ones where you appear in their Top Stories.       

(Read why appearing in Top Stories matters so much to your earnings)

2.  Your loyal fans are the ones that will spread your posts far and wide.

(Read how it is that you actually generate MOST of your earnings from people that are NOT your fans)


So be sure to treat the Power Users with the most respect, love and care. 

You really want them on your side.

And if you haven’t noticed already, FanBox Power Users are humble, down-to-earth and always ready to give advice and offer anyone and everyone a helping hand.



FanBoxers with the most loyal Power User fans earn the most



Any questions? I'm here for you.


Rayaan Jimmy Mannan

I am glad i am a PU :) . Thank you JC for the detailed post.

79 months ago
M. Ashok

Nice Tips JC!

73 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Thanks for more clarification JC

79 months ago
Bach Ngo

Thank you JOHNNY CASH. Your posts are informative and very easy to be "reduced to practice", that help fanboxers earn more CASH for ourselves.

79 months ago
Khaleel Daud

I'm glad being a Power User. Thanks JC for the info.

79 months ago
Catharina Claessens

Thank you JC for explaining the new simplified earning algorithms.

79 months ago
Renata Victoria

thanks for the information

79 months ago
Brian C Woosley

It doesn't get any easier than that guys! JC has once again educated us all as to how to take full advantage of the opportunity that FanBox has brought before us. Thank you again!

79 months ago
Deborah Rolon

That is great news about the power user status! So the higher power user we become ,the more of a valuable commodity we are as a friend or fan.
That is wonderful! Another perk for being a power user! More friends and fans seeking you out.
I have some questions
1) Do we still get c & r credits for old posts or just new ones if we choose to visit a profile and do c & r.
Do we get more credit if we c & r the post of a power user?
2) What if we put a new post , have an ad and continue to earn but have a link to someone's older post.
Do we earn from the link? do they earn from the link?
Do we earn more from the link of a power user?
3) If you have a new post that expires with an ad that was put right away but someone reads from your profile do you still earn?
4) Is our earnings ratings higher on our photos if we have comments, do we earn more ?

79 months ago
Deborah Rolon

lol, you are great Cristeta! love you my friend! race you later ! :))))

79 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi Deborah,

1. C & R has not changed at all. C & R does not relate to Power Users.
2. Nothing has changed in this area too - for traffic that comes from Ads.
3. Earnings from Ads has not changed. The only feed people earn from, is the homepage.
4. You earn more fro comments, reposting or Likes if it causes more people to view it - but you don't earn more just because a photo has comments.

79 months ago
* Shahzad *

Awesome. Thank you JC for more clarification about the Power User levels and its earning potential and about the LOYAL Fan too!

79 months ago
Haris Amin

thanks JC for updating us on this topic. Love you Fanbox.

79 months ago
CArMz Ca

Huh! that's challenging being a colored power user! :)

79 months ago