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MOVING FORWARD:  Part 1 -  Getting started

Hello FanBoxers,

I've recently gained a lot of information about what's coming next, from the FanBox architects & engineers.

In a series of 20 posts, I will share with you:

·      what's about to happen next

·      what your role in it can be

·      how you can make the largest contribution to the community

·      how you can maximize your earnings

I am prepared to discuss EXACTLY what YOU can do to be a very, very successful FanBoxer.

In fact, I will show you a simple, two-step plan for how to ramp your MONTHLY earnings to $2,000, then $5,000, then $10,000 and more.

Perhaps more importantly, I will show you how, by becoming very successful, you will actually be making a big difference in the lives of millions -- and eventually billions -- of people around the world.

As you can see from the list of upcoming posts, below, I will also post our Declaration of Liberty -- which is like a declaration of independence -- from which our Constitution will be drafted and memorialized.

Our Constitution will list our basic rights as FanBoxers, and it will be a living, breathing document that I will be looking to you to improve.

Then, I'll introduce our newer members to our Founding Mothers, and explain how they went about choosing the first Statespersons (Senators, Congressmen, Congresswomen) and judges.

I'll explain how the new legislative process will work -- which is how new policies, rules and laws are created and signed into law...

... and how future Statespersons will be selected from the community based on their own merit - without the involvement or selection from FanBox corporate or the Founding Mothers...

... and how the judicial process will work -- which is how justice and equality are brought to the community.

The cornerstone of both of these branches are that they take control away from FanBox corporate -- and put the power in the hands of the people....

... which means that all of the processes I just described above, are subject to change, by the will of the people.

I will then spell out the process and timeline for when members will vote to elect the President -- which is the person that will become the leader of what we today call "FanBox corporate" -- and the most powerful person in FanBox.

Lastly, we'll list the names of the first official Statespersons (Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen) -- based on the selection criteria mentioned in an earlier post, at which point we'll also be giving them special badges and powers.


We'll get started by reminding ourselves WHERE we’re trying to get to; and the DIRECTION we’re taking to get there.

I am confident that, if you understand the WHY's behind certain decisions being made...

.... and the WHY's behind product, community and governance features that are about to be launched...

... that knowledge will make it many times easier for you to make better decisions for yourself and your family.


Table of Contents: 

Moving forward: Part 0 - Free at last!

Moving forward: Part 1 - Getting started

Moving forward: Part 2 - Our Mission

Moving forward: Part 3 - Don’t reinvent the wheel

Moving forward: Part 4 - Money matters

Moving forward: Part 5 - Capitalism is broken (but fixable)

Moving forward: Part 6 - Democracy is broken (but fixable)

Moving forward: Part 7 - Our Challenge

Moving forward: Part 8 - The Solution

Moving forward: Part 9 - The Power User

Moving forward: Part 10 - A plan for your success

Moving forward: Part 11 - Declaration of Liberty

Moving forward: Part 12 - Democracy: What went wrong? (i)

Moving forward: Part 13 - Democracy: What went wrong? (ii)

Moving forward: Part 14 - Democracy: A Cure

Moving forward: Part 15 - Our Constitution

Moving forward: Part 16 - Meet our Founding Mothers

Moving forward: Part 17 - Initial Democratic Process

Moving forward: Part 18 - Code of Official Conduct

Moving forward: Part 19 - The First Statespersons

Moving forward: Part 20 - In Conclusion


    Moving forward: Part 2 - Our Mission


Hari Majumder

Another giant leap forward. Thank you JC.

85 months ago
Georgiana S

Great news like always.
I will wait for the next chapter :)

85 months ago
Dulal Phukan

The beauty is blooming

85 months ago
* Arlene *

The future for FanBox is bright. I can't wait to be a part of it...

85 months ago
Anna P

That's wonderful.
I am so excited, because I know that something very special, FanBox prepared for the community!

85 months ago
Lana Ferra

I definately want to live in the new country! We will build our world, new world!

85 months ago
Ophie L

Great information......more news and very exciting for the FanBox world.

85 months ago
Katherine Nlcitizen

Interesting and very exciting for the whole things happening.

85 months ago
Gems Babent

A generous FanBox and waiting step by step of this unveiled scene site, thanks JC.

85 months ago