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MOVING FORWARD:  Part 2 -  Our Mission

As a reminder, the reason we’re here – Our Mission – is to work together to

            Uplift humanity by enabling opportunity

There are many ways to uplift humanity and, throughout history, many great people have uplifted humanity in their own way:

From Mother Theresa to Cyrus the Great...

.... Mahatma Gandhi to Martin Luther King, Jr...

... history is full of people that used their time on this planet to uplift others.

These people made an impact that lasted far beyond their own lives – permanently lifting humanity to a higher level.

In our case, our approach does not revolve around a single person or celebrity.

Our method is about a group of people – YOU AND I  – coming together to improve the lives of billions of people by enabling opportunity for them – using technology.


But does the world need this?

A few days ago, we discussed the World Bank’s report that was published last month... 

… which in summary, says that 600 million jobs will need to be created in the next 8 years, just for the world to stay at the current (un)employment level. 


Here’s the challenge with that:

Those 600M jobs are not coming.

If anything, the jobs market will shrink, because of technological advances that are requiring less and less people in the factories, farms -- and everywhere.

The result will be mass poverty -- and we can all use our imagination to see where that will take this nuclear-armed and dangerous world.


Our world is headed for big trouble – unless a group of motivated, intelligent and capable people can figure out a solution that they can execute on.

Accomplishing Our Mission is not a “that would be nice” or a "fun hobby" – it’s a MUST DO.  


FanBoxers: This is where we – YOU -- enter the picture.  

If not us, then who?


It took 12 years and U.S. $100 million to build the FanBox platform thus far...

... and that's a very low cost for building something this sophisticated -- because the largest category of expenses (employee payroll) was massively discounted thanks to over one thousand FanBox employees working for no or low pay.

My point is that no investor or bank would invest $100M into something that they wouldn't be able to control and reap the profits from..

... and control + profits belonging to the community is an essential element of the FanBox approach.

Therefore, we FanBoxers find ourselves in a situation that is virtually unheard of, and

we have unparalleled potential to make a positive impact on the world.

For example, Facebook raised almost one billion dollars to fund its development...

.... and in the process, became indebted (and owned) by investors that (rightfully so) aim to maintain control and generate profits for themselves.

FanBox, however, has built this platform without taking even one penny from outside investors.

(the $100M FanBox has spent in its development, has completely come from revenues derived from its technology patents and inventions by its employees)

FanBox, therefore, has maintained the right and ability to give both the control -- and the profits -- to its citizens.

Therefore, if not us, then who?


Thanks to the vision, hard work and patience of our members, Success Coaches, founding mothers and employees...

... we are finding that the solution we have together been working on...

The FanBox Platform

... is turning out to look exactly like the solution that could provide the answers to some of these important challenges that our world is facing.

To reiterate, the reason we’re here – Our Mission – is to work together to

            Uplift humanity by enabling opportunity


Before we move on to MOVING FORWARD: Part 3 - Don't reinvent the wheel, let's continue to warm up our brains and get the dialog going...

What are your thoughts?


Johnny Cash

Thanks Mabell.

I have already deleted over 20 comments from this post -- almost all from Pakistan -- all garbage like "thanks for sharing", "nice post" or other blog-spamming.

Please, if you're paying attention, stop spamming. Otherwise, we'll assume you're unable to resist blog-spamming, and your accounts will be removed.

85 months ago
Johnny Cash

Sumaira -- and our other Pakistani friends:

May I suggest that you keep your comments relevant to the topic of the posts?

Imagine that you and your friends are in a deep conversation about a topic that's important to you.

Now imagine some person, Joe, butts into your conversation and begins to discuss some other unrelated topic.

I imagine that you would find his interruption to be unwelcome, rude and annoying.

Each blogger has a responsibility to his or her readers, to remove those comments that are unrelated, so that people actually interested in the topic of the conversation are not forced to read through loads of unrelated comments just to find something that relates.

If the blogger doesn't do that, he / she will soon have no readers -- because it's just too cumbersome to sift through all sorts of random chatter to find what you're looking for.

As a member of this community, readers also have responsibilities. One of them is to think (use their brains). They should be respectful to their fellow citizens by not butting into conversations with whatever unrelated topics cross their minds at the moment -- and not dumbing down the conversation by leaving useless comments such as "thanks for sharing" or "nice post".

Let me know if any of this seems confusing or difficult to follow. I know that not speaking your mind (with whatever is on your mind) whenever you feel the urge can be difficult, but over time you'll find that it leads to a better environment for everyone - yourself included.

85 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Dear J.C when i start the fanbox. It's change my all life and change the other poverty causes. I remember when the spamming start in the fanbox. Then i will not receive good earning from the fanbox. I am requesting to Pakistani and other country users to stop plz stop this spamming.
Again thanks J.C.
God Bless you.

85 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Personally, I think FanBox's mission is the greatest undertaking the world has ever seen. Can you imagine, people in under-developed countries where there are no resources to be had will be able to make the same living a lot of us have been privledged to enjoy? People are poor all over not just in under developed countries, In my many travels thru many walks of life
I have witnessed poverty to the extreme, Women living with children at the bus stop, blending in , looking like they are waiting for a bus, where? In the streets of Los Angelos. One woman gave me her newborn to hold and did not come back for a year.
She had no money to care for it, I have seen our farm workers living in the woods of the fields, young men desperately looking for a way out of the gangs..You would be suprised many in the gangs don't want to be there, they are terrified, but they need to eat! You would be suprised but in the poor neighborhoods even with the lotterys the schools beg for paper and supplies, the children are rushed thru in classes of 48 to a teacher and uneducated even after school. There are no job markets available
for these kids. Many people are housebound by illness or age, I have seen many of our elderly without heat or food.
Poverty encompasses many people on many levels and there is no single resource to resolve this problem!
Until Now! FanBox has managed to address and come up with a solution for all levels of poverty, everywhere!
More Power to Us! As a united community we can make the world a better place to live! God Bless you everyone!

85 months ago
Deborah Rolon

yes, i agree with you, there are many kinds of poverty and that of the heart is another one. Uniting us all in world peace and friendship is going to come about here, i can just feel it and see it happening every day more and more in the community.

85 months ago
Deborah Rolon

God Bless FanBox!

85 months ago
Tivadar Balázs

I would be really happy if I could be part of something positing and uplifting. Here are two thoughts I have:
1. FanBox is more like a business for me, of course this is something I like about it...I don't work for a salary but for profits...
2. Business or not: I don't really see how could FanBox create (enough) income for so many. Cannot possibly everyone live from writing blogs, I suppose...

85 months ago
Brian C Woosley


FanBox is so much more than just blogging!

FanBox has an ad system in place to make profits. Facebook only makes money from ads so obviously it is a profitable way to run a business.

FanBox has provide, which allows members to buy and sell products and services just like Ebay and Amazon. Those are 2 of the largest internet businesses in the world, so obviously it is a profitable way to run a business.

And those are just the tip of the iceberg of what FanBox has to offer!

As you can see the potential for growth here is tremendous and it all starts with you and the rest of the members of the community!

85 months ago
Tivadar Balázs

All of us? Come on, how many can live from FanBox from these 50 millions? Just because it says that someone earned 1.100 dollars we all know that is mainly (97%) the IPL loan and not actual profit...
I am not trying to be negative or unappreciative (rather realistic), I think one can with time build his/her income up, just the people on the top 100. But I still don't see how could Fanbox be a source of living for so many. Maybe when we will have even more users then selling becomes easier (I am thinking that more people in an area will use FanBox - so one could sell Haircutting services even).
To be honest I am struggling with this selling thing because what people buy anyway it is still cheaper to buy it in the nearest shop, than pay for shipping fees...I would be happy to read about some great ideas related to this...

85 months ago
Sandra Mosley

I agree with Deborah God Bless FanBox It has really helped me talking to people and helping them succeed in life.

85 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Since no one else is commenting right now, I would also like to say one more thing. As you pointed out there were a few that managed to reach the masses. Martin Luther King was one of them you mentioned but there were not many! Thru FanBox , we have an opportunity to reach the people! As our government had to listen to those in history who made a difference, so too will our governments have to listen just by the volume of people alone. Here, we can make a difference not only on the issue of poverty but also on the many inequities and injustices that trouble the world! What a wonderful opportunity FanBox offers each and every one of us!

85 months ago
Just Jeff

I love your comments, Deborah. It is so important for us to show our faith and belief in the FanBox mission and the machinery it has given us to achieve our goals. We iwll have a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Therfore, the government can only be as successful as the people who put it there. If we focus on the work that has to be done to cure the poverty, inequities and injustices that troubleour world, we will have an opportunity to do a great work, individually and collectively.

85 months ago
Alexander Thomas Apakhume


26 months ago
Deborah Rolon

I don't see fanbox just as an opportunity to earn, which i need to do as much as the next person, which it gives me that opportunity, I don't just see it as a business, which yes , it has given me that opportunity to grow also. I don't just see it as an opportunity to help others, which fanbox has given me that too! I don't just see Fanbox as a platform, which yes , it has given me the opportunity to try to raise awareness for my causes and change laws and finallly I don't just see it as a way to end poverty which yes that is the mission they are accomplishing. I see fanbox as the world coming togeather...people helping people!

85 months ago
D Poet Rhumour

We all have the opportunity to take positive actions - grab it with both hands and bring your friends on board too!

Even those who are never going to be confident about blogging can help by creating ads, commenting, linking to Facebook and twitter accounts, and of course by boosting - which with the IPL credit system is easier than ever before. With community efforts we get community benefits and can spread those benefits to millions more people, with the result that positive attitudes will gorow and strengthen the bonds between us all.

85 months ago
D Poet Rhumour

Of course the fact that many sites do take liberties makes us all cautious. I have posted content in the form of blogs and poetry on many sites over a lot of years and I can absolutely confirm that ONLY FanBox has paid me for the value of that content. I speak as an experienced technical writer and published poet, having earned my living from writing for many years before the internet began to change the opportunities available to us.

When I joined the site it was not offering the earning options we have now - but after the introduction of the premium blog system I realised this site is daring to be different - years roll round and I am just one of a great many members who can show their many checks and PayPal statements. A lot of members have shared their delight and shown photos of their payments - some even keep blogs just to share each payment they receive.

FanBox will pay members what they earn, but of course it is not a 'get rich quick' site and makes no pretence to pay fortunes for no activity. But active members who use the facilities correctly and make the commitment of time and effort are going to delight and shown photos of their payments - some even keep blogs just to share each payment they receive.

Just make use of the Learning Centre and take the advice of your Success Coach - be sure you concentrate on quality when you add content and when you list items and services for sale. As with any small business the results will come when your investment of time, effort, quality and money is well balanced. There are very few business venture that succeed without ads for instance - but ads without quality content are a wasted investment. Selling products in our market place is a great opportunity - but the choice of what you sell here is as important as it would be if you opened a shop. If what you offer is good, then you will find some people will sponsor your listings.

Writing blogs requires both quality and enthusiasm. If you write on a topic you are passionate about that will come across and you may find other people recognise the potential you have - and invest in creating ads for your blogs. Present the information well, add photos or videos if they help to make the post attractive.

There is so much more here to learn about - and it will take time to develop your earnings potential for some activities - use the social aspects and develop your fan numbers - the more fans you have the better since they will in effect be your customers - they see what you post more than anyone else and if you make the effort to comment back to them on their content then you will develop a loyal following. That's like having customers who always pop into your shop, rather than walk past it...

OK, enough said for now - get busy and you will soon prove it all to yourself. In six months time you should be telling new members that yes, this is the site that is worth your time - and the community that supports you along the way.

Best wishes, Dave

66 months ago