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MOVING FORWARD: Part 3 - Don’t reinvent the wheel 

In the last post, we reminded ourselves of exactly why we're here...

... to uplift humanity...

... and that our approach to accomplishing that, is by enabling opportunity for people – using technology.

Now, to accomplish our mission, we don’t want or need to “reinvent the wheel”.

We can benefit from the history of the world’s offline communities (countries)...

... learning from what has succeeded and what has failed.

Using these lessons, if we can create a new, better online “country” –– that millions of users can derive opportunity from -- then together we will have uplifted humanity.

Is this making sense?

Our infant online community has many characteristics and issues that are not unlike what countries have faced in their development.

So why not learn from the successes and failures of countries?

You each have opinions as to what has worked and what has failed in your own country, as well as in other countries such as the U.S. or other countries in your region.

So, what are some of your country's successes, and failures, that we can all learn from?

What do you like about your (and other) countries...

... and what are their flaws, that -- if you could -- you would fix, because these flaws are holding your country back?

There are no "wrong" opinions here.

The, we'll move on to MOVING FORWARD: Part 4 - Money Matters


Srinivas Cheers

My beautiful country India has many cultures, religions, traditions, languages and regions all living harmoniously under all encompassing democracy and expressing their opinions! Thanks to freedom of speech, world comes to know of what happens in India! But there are too many dissenting voices some how affecting fast economic growth! Population growth is one such area where government is unable to control due to absence of collective will! Silver lining: India has maximum no of young talented people who can become a skilled workforce with assistance from technically advanced nations like US UK and others! That will help the world in turn to reduce costs of production!

85 months ago
Srinivas Cheers

That's an old STORY. The so called untouchables got reservations in education, finances and jobs and are progressing very fast. Few of them rose to powerful political positions.

84 months ago
Jake Muanpuia

One thing that I want to point out regarding providing opportunity to all the people of the World who are having internet access is that in my country many people are not having internet because of poverty and also maybe the Government's weakness. But those people who are not having such kind of facility are the people who needed the most. In my State also, internet facility is not so good and the server is often down. So, in order to get the most out of fanbox, we need a better internet connection in India with a cheap tariff as most of us do not afford internet connection . One more failure of our government is that they cannot provide enough job for her educated people.
If it is possible to provide internet connection and a computer even on loan to the poor people and also to the people who are under poverty line, the Fanbox mission will be greatly successful.

85 months ago
Tivadar Balázs

I believe that education is very important and not just simple instructions but also mentoring and real life equipping...

85 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Wow, what a big question! Where could you start? Just too many choices so I will pick one area. Since you seem to be looking for suggestions that would help build a stronger foundation , I would say the problem with our country is education. At one point in my many walks of life i wrote an article on Los Angeles gangs.What I found to be the two factors in common was
one-no one really wanted to be part of it and two-the majority where there because of the lack of ability to fill out a simple job application. Personally many newbies have come to me and I am sure to all of us, frustrated with the inability to learn the system here. In order for people to earn, they must be able to learn. You have taken the first step in cutting out some coaches however I think information on just taking the steps in the system should be more readily available. Access to a real person should be available like many sites have live help at least for the basics. I lost 2 people who were so angry and frustrated with FanBox that I was not able to convince them to stay because they called FanBox for days and no-one returned the call. They told me how nice it was to meet me and thanked me for directing them to the phone number , which is not easy to find . They had the same problem I did when I joined no coach in the coach area.They wanted to learn but with no coach and no one to fix the problem
what can you do? People want the opportunity to do for themselves and given the opportunity will jump on it just like most of the gang members I met. People have to be educated how to do this, if they knew this already they would be doing it already, If a gang member knew how to fill out an application he could help himself, if he knew how to create work for himself he would, if a person knew how to earn on fanbox they would. The strongest part of your house is its foundation. I have to tell you JC I
called fanbox myself when i signed in and had no coach and left messages and never got a call back either but i had just
figured maybe my son answered and didn,t remember to tell me and went on learning by myself . If the first board on a flight
of stairs is broken , you will fall down . We need to fix the first step and then fix the second and make it easier to become educated in the system of earning here.

85 months ago
Pk (andrew) Khor

I really agree about what you say Deborah,people if they know ,they will do it,they don't do .most of the time is because they don't know how to do..SO we all inhere should give more opportunity to all who's wish , so that, they will be more chances for them to get rid of us..Thanks Deborah..

77 months ago
Deborah Rolon

..it takes Education + Opportunity = Success

77 months ago
Deborah Rolon

The comment above me popped in while i was writing, and yes I agree with him, It all has to do with more education in our community here, a translator would be a good start at least.

85 months ago
Kristin Perry

There are FREE language translators on the internet, such as http://translate.google.com.

65 months ago
Deborah Rolon

What I love about our country is the freedom of speech and freedom to express an opinion without fear and we have that freedom here in our community also! Our country although we have that freedom , we don't really see it in action as much as
we do here in our community. What I mean by that is here in FanBox , opinions on everything and information on every topic there is from every country is readily available while in our country we are limited by the news sources.This is where FanBox has achieved a new level in the freedom of speech and the unity of communication from around the world.

85 months ago
Parveen Kumar

Education play an important roll in the success or failer of a Country. I appreciate your question.

85 months ago
Aftab Ahmad

Thanks J.C i Appreciate you and your this step for poor people. I love our country and i inform you that our country is one of the best in the technology. Every one love his country because he live in it. But now a days here are the people facing many problems. Some economical' Political problems' Corruption problems in it. And also here people facing the job problems and this is a very big problem here and i am also prey of it. Dear J.C i told you in 1st line that every one love his country because he live in it. If the Pakistani government solve these all problems so Pakistan is one of best country in the future. Here in this site all users work like together' Hard because here in all the humans. You should ask a very big question

85 months ago