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MOVING FORWARD: Part 8 - The Solution

In the last post (Part 7), we made the case, with history and statistics as our guide, that before we can have a successful democracy:

We must first accelerate the growth rate of the FanBox economy.

Together, we need to increase the quantity of things being created or passing through the FanBox economy…

… things that have direct monetary value -- such as goods, services and productive work.

Why do we need to do this?

So that more and more people are able to extract value – MONEY -- from the FanBox economy.  Because that’s our mission!


Do our blogs have monetary value?

Yes, but to varying degrees. Let’s discuss:

If I am writing about a topic such as, say, dogs…

… and if there are thousands and thousands of blogs, web sites and articles about dogs all over the Web – available for free…

… then the monetary value of my blog is very, very low.



"Supply and demand":

If there is a big supply of any product (such as blogs and articles about dogs)… 

…and the average price of those items is $0.00 (free)…

… then the monetary value of each of those items is approximately zero: $0.00

Not to worry – FanBox has a strategy that helps those blogs create monetary value indirectly – but that’s a longer term bet.

With the exception of our premium blogs (that people are willing to spend money on) your blogs in FanBox do not currently generate monetary value in the FanBox economy.


What about products and services?

Do they have immediate monetary value?

To the degree that someone is willing to spend money on them – YES!

That used phone or laptop: Someone will buy it!

A tutoring service: Someone will want it! 

Your bag of chocolate chip cookies: Your fans will buy it!

There are many thousands of different products and services that FanBox members could and would buy RIGHT NOW.


How do I know?

Because they’re currently buying those things every day – from stores (both offline and online)…. things they need to live their lives!

Therefore, one of the very best things we can do right now...

... is increase the amount of things being bought & sold right here on FanBox.


OK, so exactly how do we do that?

To get more products and services sold, we need more sellers -- offering valuable products and services – ready to sell, ship, service and deliver.

And to get more of those products and services sold, we need more buyers -- ready and eager to purchase with their money.


What was that?

We need more sellers -- which requires more buyers…

But to get more buyers -- we need more sellers!


Wait – doesn’t that problem sound familiar?


“Which came first, the chicken or the egg”?


It appears that we have a “chicken or egg” scenario on our hands. 

In that classic scenario, we first need a chicken – or, we need an egg -- before we can have a successful chicken farm.


“Which came first, buyers or sellers”? 

Our situation is similar: 

We first need sellers – or, we need buyers – before we have ourselves a successful marketplace.


And now you’re beginning to understand why FanBox brought us IPL:

IPL’s purpose is to increase the growth of the FanBox economy – by accelerating the buying and selling of your products and services.



Here’s how it works:

1) Via IPL, FanBox provides millions of dollars to FanBoxers - that they can use to earn by purchasing Ads, or by Boosting the Ads of others.

With IPL, users can create a significant amount of wealth for themselves – starting with little or no capital of their own.

2) Each person using IPL must pay a small monthly fair-use charge – or processing fee (PF).

3) Users can then earn back their ENTIRE processing fee – by purchasing goods and services from their fellow FanBoxers.

By earning back their entire purchasing fees, users are utilizing IPL for FREE. 

By the way, if you don’t know what I’m referring to, please ask your Success Coach. But here’s a summary:

After you pay your monthly IPL processing fee, you can earn 100% of it back – as a “cash back earning”…

… by purchasing ANYTHING from your fellow FanBoxers:

33.3% of your purchase price (on any purchase) goes right back into your FanBox Bank as an earning!


To use an analogy, using IPL in this manner is almost like an interest-free loan from a bank – but with one VERY SIGNIFICANT advantage:

IPL users are also provided a legitimate way – BOOSTING -- to successfully use those funds to generate profits for themselves!

       Banks do not provide that opportunity.


And, as if that wasn’t enough of an advantage, users can then get their ENTIRE processing fee back…

… which makes the use of those IPL funds TOTALLY FREE…

…and all they need to do is simply buy the things -- that they are buying from elsewhere anyway – from their fellow FanBoxers.


An important point to note here is that when users learn that they have 7 days to earn back their processing fee…

… they should have a high sense of urgency and motivation to find useful products and services for sale by their friends and fans.


To summarize:

By providing many millions of dollars in funds to the community…

… funds that community members can use to generate significant profits for themselves…

our “chicken-or-egg” challenge gets solved.


And when new FanBoxers learn that they are wasting their money if they don’t earn back their PFs…

… they should be much more motivated to buy products and services from their fellow FanBoxers, rather than spending their money elsewhere.

As a result of more people buying things...

               ... more sellers show up to sell things....

.. and our economy accelerates.

Therefore, as a community, we each have a duty...

... to encourage each other to earn as much money as possible...

 ... and earn back our processing fees.


Ladies and gentlemen:

Given the importance of accelerating our economy:

Let's agree to applaud those FanBoxers that choose to earn back their processing fees...

... and give them the recognition and appreciation that they deserve...

... because it will have been those members that will have made a very large impact towards the success of our mission.


Definition: A 
Power User is a FanBoxer that earns back their entire IPL processing fee, by purchasing something - anything - from a friend, fan or fellow FanBoxer.

Here's how it works: 33.3% of your purchase amount of products, services and premium blogs are returned to your FanBox Bank as a cash back earning. 

The moment your entire processing fee is returned to you, you instantly become a Power User and your super-powers open up to you.

Example: If your last processing fee is $2, buy thing(s) totaling $6 or more to:  

1) earn back 33.3% (which in this example is $2 - which makes using IPL "free" for you)
2) become a Power User

In that example, the moment you complete the purchase of $6 of products, services or premium blogs from anyone in the FanBox community, you automatically earn back your $2 processing fee and become a Power User.

Note: If you buy more than you need to earn back your processing fee, the extra cash back earnings are added to your FanBox Bank in a "pending" row, and they automatically roll over to the next month(s), so they can be used to earn back your future IPL processing fees.



I can report to you that the FanBox engineers are preparing to honor Power Users.

They are planning on working overtime to bring Power Users exclusive product features, services and special powers... 

... including extra earning capabilities...  

... because without Power Users, our economy could stall and the FanBox experiment could end.


Now, before some folks start complaining that this approach will create an elite class of citizens, I have three words for you:

Communism is dead

The old Soviet Union broke up into 15 capitalist states...

... China will become the world's largest capitalist country within 4 years...

... and now even Cuba's Fidel Castro has admitted that communism doesn't work.


At FanBox, we believe everyone is created equal -- in what they can do.

         But everyone is not equal in what they will do.

Those that bring more value into the economy, 
should be allowed -- and encouraged -- to take more value out of the economy.

And if anyone thinks that's elitism, so be it: The alternative - communism - has been tried exhaustively and has failed miserably, so let's please put that discussion to rest -- in all its various forms.



We have only a few years to create half a billion jobs. There is no time to waste.

As we discussed in "Don't reinvent the wheel", it's absolutely critical that we use history's lessons to increase the odds of our success!

History has shown that those systems that best reward their citizens for their hard work and the focused application of their talents...

... end up creating the best standard of living, on average, for all their citizens.


I, for one, am totally excited to honor those that choose to work the hardest and use their capabilities to ultimately bring the most valuable results to the community....

... because without those superstars, there is no opportunity here for anyone.


3-line summary of these last 8 posts:

The world needs our mission

      Our mission needs a thriving economy

            A thriving economy needs Power Users


We need your imagination and ideas!

What special features, services and super powers would you like to see provided to Power Users?

What things would make your own FanBoxing more efficientfaster or more powerful?

What would make your experience more fun, rewarding or satisfying?

RIGHT NOW is one of those moments when the entire FanBox engineering team is stopping their work, to listen to you...

This is the PERFECT MOMENT for you to help steer the direction, and architect the FanBox of tomorrow.

I can't wait to hear your ideas.

Next, in Part 9, we'll show all your ideas in one place -- and list the super-powers of the Power User.


Tivadar Balázs

Dear Johhny: i think I need some time to think it over but just for now:
1. It is great how this message is beeing built up step by step...
2. I am glad that you agree, that not very many people could live just from blogging...
3. As for the FanBox commerce: I think would be helpful to have shipping services organized... - I don't know exactly how would that work though...(or maybe to have a simple interface to ask for a shipping bid)

84 months ago
Johnny Cash

Tivadar, please share any more details around your shipping ideas... thanks.

84 months ago
Tivadar Balázs

Related to shipping: I tried to come up with something that I could sell other than counseling over Skype, which obviously would not need shipping. But maybe I could sell water purification systems that are high enough in value so worth shipping even to the States maybe. But you see, I would need to go and organize the shipping for it. What if I could simply enter the details of a possible product (size, weight, value, my place of staying, possible destination etc.) and have an offer from a shipping company that works closely together with FanBox - after this I could see better whether something is worth bothering or not. Sounds reasonable?

84 months ago
Gems Babent

Reading, meditation and application is vital in order to move forward but sometimes looking back our way and negative brings a lot question...

84 months ago
Ashok Bagaria

Rewarding Power Users is good but how we will bring in the bottom line ? I mean the poorest Men on Earth should also
receive few bucks from this cyber country.They don't have pc or laptop,they don't know about internet system.Yes
mobile is in reach of poor man also but not to all of them.
We should also keep in mind that we have to help these people all over world.

84 months ago
Jake Muanpuia

Power users should be allowed to cash out their earned money after 30 days of the earning month. This will surely encourages buying things.

84 months ago
Umair Siddique

This is so exciting. . We have been upto something which is best suited in my opinion for fanbox..Waitinggg. . .What comes next.

84 months ago
Deborah Rolon

Yes, I understand what you are saying and would love to purchase from my fellow fanboxers, especially people who have become near and dear to me to help them along. The problem is the ipl which I know they are working on it but I still can not purchase and my fee is coming due Dec 2. Problem number 2- I have over 1000 products to put on provide from 2 manufactures and have figured out the shipping so I can just offer free shipping to every area of the world that is shipped to., Do you have any idea how long it takes to put each product on provide only being able to upload 4 pictures? I need help! Please increase the amount of pictures I can put I am dreading putting on the clothing manufactures products due to this problem. I am going with the pick any item free shipping set cost and right now it is impossible putting this many products on. Please also help me become a power user as we all need this capability. I have many more manufactures to come and will be offering fellow fanboxers the information on how to go about this.

84 months ago
Deborah Rolon

just a note, the products I am putting on will be by the case so others can make money in their countries selling singles. For putting a few items on provide is not a problem but the volume you are looking for , the problem would be resolved if we could just put on ten pictures instead of four,

84 months ago
Johnny Cash

Your desire for more pictures has been noted and will be added to the list of features to be developed. (Interesting short-term approach, El Diablo).

84 months ago
Deborah Rolon

That is a great idea for right now, thanks El Diablo! I had put off putting more on because there are only so many hours in a day, thank you again, I really appreciate it. Thank you Johnny , that will make things much easier for those of us in for long term sales!

84 months ago