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MOVING FORWARD: Part 10 -  A plan for your success

Now let's discuss your own, personal success.

The following example plan shows you how you might be able to cash out over $300,000 in three years. 

For this example, let's assume that you start with an IPL Limit of $100. 

(If your IPL Limit is already greater than $100, you'll get to your goals even faster).

And let's assume that your IPL Limit is automatically increased for you once a month, for the duration of this example.

I have confirmed that this is absolutely possible and IPL Limit increases will start happening this week (if your IPL account is in good standing).

The following graph shows what your IPL Limit would look like, for the first 3 months:MOVING FORWARD: Part 10 -  A plan for your success


Notice that your IPL Limit is $100 in month 1; and is then raised to $250 in month 2.

(That means that $150 is added to your IPL Limit from month 1 to month 2).

Then, in month 3, your IPL Limit is raised from $250 to $500.

(Which means an $250 was added to your IPL Limit).

Now let's assume that you auto-boost all of your additional IPL Limit, whenever it becomes available.

The following graph shows how much you would be boosting each month.

Notice that each month, the amount you are boosting is the additional IPL that has been provided to you: $100 in month 1; $150 in month 2; $250 in month 3.MOVING FORWARD: Part 10 -  A plan for your success


And the following graph shows how much you might be earning each month from your boosting.
Pay attention, folks: Of course no one can predict what boost returns will be in the future. Therefore, to be conservative in my forecast, I took recent average boost profits and discounted them by 20%. You may be able to do better than this example - especially if you're a Power User because they earn more than everyone else. But you could also do worse, because FanBox cannot and does not make any guarantees or promises towards what anyone's return will be -- or even that it will be a positive return. Remember, when you boost, you are simply paying for ads for advertisers -- and even though those ads are being served on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis -- meaning that you only pay if there's a click - there are no assurances that the overall transaction will be a profitable one -- and so you could (and without a doubt, many people definitely do and will) incur a loss on those ads and hence their boosts.MOVING FORWARD: Part 10 -  A plan for your success


In my example you're a Power User -- which means that you're earning back your processing fee as a "cash back earning".

 (Learn about becoming a Power User) 

The following graph shows your cash back earnings added to your overall earnings:   (This is exactly the same as the last graph, but with "Cash back earnings" added to it).MOVING FORWARD: Part 10 -  A plan for your success


OK. So far, you've been earning with little effort... you simply used IPL with auto-boost, with your real earnings coming from buying a few cool things to automatically get cash back earnings.

Pretty simple, huh?

For new users, FanBox is designed to be this simple, so that new users can feel what it's like to earn a little even before they've learned other knowledge roles such as blogging, advertising, selling, teaching and coaching.

But now that you're getting more familiar with FanBox...

.... and more importantly, have learned how to get your questions answered whenever you have them...

... let's start using your talents and creativity to accelerate your earnings!

First, let's assume that, in month 2, you start blogging -- which means sharing your knowledge about your favorite topic(s). 

When people read your blogs, you earn.

 (Learn how to earn by blogging)

Let's assume that you earn about $1.50 per day from blogging -- which is about $50 per month - starting in month 2:
(This is exactly the same as the last graph, but with "Blog earnings" added to it, and showing 6 months instead of 3).
MOVING FORWARD: Part 10 -  A plan for your success 


Next, let's assume that, in month 3, you start advertising -- driving readers to your blogs - or maybe even the blogs of other people.

When people click your ads, you earn.

 (Learn how to earn by advertising)

Let's assume that you earn about $1.50 per day from advertising -- which is about $50 per month - starting in month 3:
(This is exactly the same as the last graph, but with "Advertiser earnings" added to it).
 MOVING FORWARD: Part 10 -  A plan for your success


Next, let's assume that, in month 4, you start selling -- providing products or services -- or even selling your best blogs as "premium blogs".

When people purchase your stuff, services or premium blogs, you earn.

 (Learn how to earn by selling)

Let's assume that you earn about $100 per month from your "Provide" sales -- starting in month 4:
(This is exactly the same as the last graph, but with "Provide earnings" added to it).
MOVING FORWARD: Part 10 -  A plan for your success


Now let's assume that, in month 5, you start teaching -- inviting your friends to FanBox and helping them learn how to earn too.

When your students earn, you earn too.

 (Learn how to earn by teaching)

For this example, let's assume you earn about $1.50 per day from teaching - which is about $50 per month - starting in month 5: 
(This is exactly the same as the last graph, but with "Teacher earnings" added to it).
MOVING FORWARD: Part 10 -  A plan for your success


And finally, let's assume that, in month 6, you start success coaching -- helping other people in the community learn how to use FanBox.

When your students are successful - as measured by their earnings -- you earn too.

 (Learn how to earn by being an SC -- or Success Coach)

Let's assume that you earn about $200 from coaching -- starting in month 6: (This is exactly the same as the last graph, but with "SC earnings" added to it).MOVING FORWARD: Part 10 -  A plan for your success


As I'm sure you'll agree, these are NOT crazy assumptions.

Here's the key to this plan: 

A. Work hard at your favorite knowledge role(s) -- using good time-management techniques to ensure you're always maximizing the earnings from your talents and time.

B. Make sure you're always a Power User -- as (even as I write this) the system and algorithms are being heavily tweaked to favor Power Users, for the reasons we discussed at length recently.

IE: Power Users earn more - MUCH MORE - than everyone else - by definition -- because generally speaking they're bringing more value to the community. I cannot stress this point any more loudly or confidently.

C. Keep re-boosting ALL your earnings - delaying the desire for instant gratification -- to ensure that your money and earnings are always working as hard as you are.

The result of doing A, B and C?

Below, I've graphed your possible monthly earnings for three (3) years:MOVING FORWARD: Part 10 -  A plan for your success

As you can see, as time progresses, your earnings are accelerating nicely.

In my example, with the assumptions I have made in my model, if you decided to stop all your boosting and cash out all your earnings...

... you could cash out $300,000 (three hundred thousand dollars).

For this example, I have made a number of assumptions (on top of the other assumptions already discussed, such as that your boosts will always be profitable - which is a ludicrous assumption on its own - because that will definitely not always be true). Your own earnings will be higher or lower than my example, based on those assumptions and your own choices in these areas:

1) Anytime your earnings matured (60 days after the month they were earned in) I assumed that you auto-boosted those earnings to earn even more.

2) You cashed out none of your earnings, but left them in your account to be utilized for your boosts.

If you do cash out some of your earnings, then your earnings will be lower, obviously.  

3) I assumed that you were a Power User the entire time, ensuring that you were earning at a higher rate than everyone else.

4) I assumed that you worked hard at the various roles. FanBox is not a place for you to "Get Rich Quick".

My example assumes that you work hard as a blogger, advertiser, provider, teacher and coach. There is simply no quick way to make money on FanBox if you're not serious about taking care of your customers.

In other words, let's say that you're blogging about "dogs". If other bloggers are doing a better job than you - listening to what readers want and then giving it to them - then you will see your earnings from your blogs about "dogs" not grow -- and even diminish.

Does this make sense? My example assumes that you are working hard at all those roles -- but most likely, you will want to focus on one or two of the roles - instead of working at all of them.

 (Choosing your knowledge role)

But that's OK -- by focusing on just one or two roles, the idea is that you would do much better at that role, perhaps generating more earnings from that role than my example suggests - making up for earnings lost from the other roles that you decided not to focus on.

5) Lastly, along with working hard at whichever role(s) you choose, I am also assuming that you become really good at what you do.

In other words, just because you spend 14 hours a day blogging, it doesn't mean that your blogs are any good. Your readers don't know how much time you spend creating your blogs -- and they don't care:

If they want to read your blogs every time you post them, they'll become a fan. If they're not impressed, they won't become a fan; and they won't come back.

So please don't equate long hours or hard work -- to getting results. 

At FanBox, you are not an hourly employee -- you are a self-employed entrepreneur and business owner. Business owners ONLY get paid when they make their customers happy -- very happy.


At the end of three (3) years, you could pay off your utilized IPL funds -- and cash out the remainder of your earnings: $305,180.

Of course if you leave those funds in FanBox and use them to continue to earn, your earnings would continue to accelerate - setting yourself up for an even more amazing year 4 or year 5.

Please keep in mind that this was just an example, and of course your particular situation and earnings will be higher or lower...

... depending on my many assumptions and the choices you make, as well as your performance in your roles such as blogging, advertising, teaching, coaching and selling...

... as well as the performance of the FanBox economy and elements in it, such as boosting.

And because you're boosting all your earnings as soon as they mature, my example assumes that you're paying your IPL processing fees using your credit card, PayPal or other outside funding source.

If you choose to use some of your earnings to pay your IPL processing fees -- you'll be able to earn with virtually no outside capital at all -- although it'll then take you longer to earn and cash out $300,000.

If you decide to not cash out all your earnings at the three year mark, you could continue to earn until you reach a half-million, or even one million dollars or higher. Again, keep in mind all the assumptions, your choices and hard work.

Lastly, keep in mind that this example makes no mention of the various new roles that will be rolling out in the coming months...

... and it makes no mention of the improvements to existing roles (such as ads, blogging and selling) that are in the planning stages.

Like the upcoming roles, most of those improvements to current roles and features are intended to help you generate additional earnings, with more ease.


No matter what choices you make, here are some things I would focus on:

1) Be a Power User

2) Try all the different roles
You can even become a Success Coach - although that role is not for everyone and is reserved for folks that really love to help people.

3) Be patient & forgiving
Good things come to those who wait.

Patience: If you can't help but cash out your earnings each month, you'll earn much less.

Forgiving: FanBox is a organization that is hell-bent on trying new ways to help its members - which means it is constantly experimenting with products and features - many of which will take time to get right - and some of which will outright fail.

If you don't do well with change and its too stressful for you, I suggest that shut down your FanBox account and then return in a year or two when this experiment is further along.

On the other hand, those folks that expect issues and mistakes won't be disappointed - and will be rewarded with the opportunity to try cutting-edge technologies first -- and participate in the early days of what just might end up being one of the most pervasive and world-changing experiments in human history.

 4) Work hard, and get really, really good at your role(s)
Focus only on the role(s) that you think you can master. Take your time in figuring out which role(s) those are - and after you figure it out -- work very hard at it. 

 5) Relax and have fun
History has shown that those that take a chill pill and enjoy the ride, are much more likely to be able to be patient (step 3) -- and therefore more likely to get to the finish line. 

If you're relaxed, your customers will like you more. Building your community of fans is an important aspect of building your business and earnings on FanBox.


Now that we've reminded ourselves of the "What's in it for me", let's get back to the effort of ensuring this community becomes a full-fledged democracy:

        Built for the people, by the people...

                   and controlled by the people.

It's time for this community to Declare its Liberty.



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Please understand that this policy includes "positive" but similarly non-useful remarks like "Thank you for this wonderful post", "nice post" and "Thanks for sharing". Other readers won't benefit from your kudos, and hence those comments will be removed.


Jerome Gai


85 months ago
Tivadar Balázs

Dear Johnny Cash, I don't like to be sceptical but here is my experience: I have been working 8 hours a day for three months with writing blogs and creating ads. Still, on most of the days my earning is still a BIG ZERO. If not zero than 0.80 altogether makes up for a good day...If someone could show me how I could earn 100 $ a month from Ads and Blogging altoghether I would be very happy...
2. I am still struggelling with my processing fee. I topped up 72 dollars on the 25th of September. Now I am warned that if I don't pay my 9.61 dollar processing fee I will get 25 dollar fine. Neither the support nor the billing department addresses my issue. I also don't have the cash back earning from a purchase.
So far boosting seems to be reliable but for that I need to put in more money, which is OK if someone has other income sources... Hopefully I will have too...I just wanted to mention boosting as a positive example, but otherwise this shown example seems unrealistic to me...
BTW: what is the average return you have been using in your example? What is the timeframe a portfolio would be fully utilized?

85 months ago
Johnny Cash

Hi Tivadar,

I appreciate your comment and feedback, and out of respect for you - I will be very frank and direct with you here, to ensure you are getting the most of what little I know.

You have written some very nice blogs -- I truly enjoy them (especially the one about Hungary). But when you spell skeptical "sceptical" and you spell struggling "struggelling", your readers quickly tune out and move on.

I don't mean to be critical: Of course your English is millions of times better than my Hungarian -- but no amount of hours and effort matter to your readers when they conclude that your grammar isn't all that great: Unfortunately they quickly (and incorrectly) assume that the content of your blog post (your knowledge) is also not all that great, and abruptly leave.

Sometimes, in a knowledge role (like a relationship) the important thing to know, is when to quit. Is it time for you to quit blogging (in English)? I am not sure - only you know the answer to that question. But FanBox has created other roles for this exact reason -- so that eventually everyone can find a role that's perfect for them.

Have you tried selling things? I imagine there will be a good and growing audience for all things Hungarian that people cannot find in their local market.

Have you tried creating ads for other people's blogs, products, services or premium blogs?

And have you tried teaching?

And with each of those roles that you have tried -- did you practice for long enough to get good at it? All skills take time to develop and become an expert at. Real profits require expertise.

Regarding a $25 fine: The only $25 fine that exists is for people that have put in false payment mechanisms - such as credit cards that are invalid or a PayPal account that is not actually set up correctly. As I have always advised, people on FanBox should not look for ways to "game" the system -- it usually ends up costing them more in the long run.

To answer your other questions: The average return I am using in my example is 4.5% -- quite a bit lower than people have been averaging - and probably well below what Power Users will soon be achieving. And boost portfolios are utilized in 90 days, in my example.

Thanks again for your intelligent comments in many of my blog posts. It is clear to all readers that you are a very thoughtful FanBoxer -- and I, for one, am keeping my fingers crossed that you become a very successful statesperson (Senator or Congressman) and earner here.

85 months ago
Brian C Woosley


I checked out your blogs as well and they actually are quite well put together. The advice that JC gave you is amazing and you should definitely take that into consideration.

Another little bit of advice I'd be happy to share is some that I share with people trying to get started blogging online in general:

The most successful people in blogging are people that others view as "experts." Anyone can become an expert, but the key is persistence and building a following. It seems like your blogs are all over the place, with marriage, cars, etc. so you are establishing yourself as an expert in nothing, which is a problem that most bloggers fall into when they first start. I fell into the same trap and you can see my blogs are all over the place and I had the same issues as you.

My suggestion to you is to pick a broad topic and become an "expert" in that topic. For example if you become an "expert" in Personal Freedom, you can build following of people interested in that topic, but the topic is also broad enough that you can have an endless amount of content to write about, from time management, earning money online, life coaching, relationship advice, etc.

I hope that helps you gain a little bit of perspective and like JC said you can focus your efforts on something and work towards that goal. Diversification is always great, but I have found that in blogging, the key is to stick with one broad topic and make yourself an expert in it.

To help back up my claim, look at the people at the top of the blogger leaderboard. All of them have been awarded on FanBox as having "#1 poster for <insert keyword here>"

Hope that helps, feel free to message me if you have any questions!

85 months ago
Abdul Ali

Very Nice post! Thanks for sharing

85 months ago
Darryl Thomas

Hello, first I want to say thanks for writing this post. It was a real eye opener for me. I never realize the possibility of earning a living at blogging .I have found your post to be insightful and it motivate me to work harder. Again, thanks for the motivation. Darryl

85 months ago
Marius B)

Every FanBoxer should have this post in his welcome message or the first messages.

No information overload and it presents the ease of earning, while enticingly inviting the FanBoxer to read and gain knowledge just about everything on FanBox.

Great post.

85 months ago
Brian C Woosley

I agree alchimist, I just added it to my welcome message!

In fact, if everyone read this post I think it would spur a frenzy. People need to realize the power and potential here and when they do they will be as excited as we are!

85 months ago
Marius B)

Exactly Brian!

85 months ago
Evelyn Damayon

What a wonderful idea JC. You are the best blogger of all times! Thank you for the information.

85 months ago
Gems Babent

A generous act of helping community, thanks JC...but I have a question if why " Pending Ads and Boosting is so slow that`s why I can`t create Ads and boost...since my IPL was used and utilized.

85 months ago
Johnny Cash

Gems, see my response to James below.

85 months ago
Krishna Singh

It is a very inspiring model which gives an idea of returns after 3 years provided we do not take out any amount from our matured earnings for three years and keep paying our PF on IPL from our credit cards or PayPal accounts. Can we get an idea about how much it will be and what will be the net earnings? Also I am confused about the income tax implications!

85 months ago
Johnny Cash

Krishna, in my example, I set the PF to 1.55% and all PFs paid in the first year amounted to $1,400. After the first year, I would pay PFs from my earnings if that's too much for anyone. The good news is that one could probably make a lot more money from selling, teaching or coaching -- enough to completely pay for all PFs and not use any cash from the outside to pay their PFs - but they need to be good at what they do. So one recipe for success is to use the first year to find one's niche -- and then practice, practice, practice at it until they're an expert at it -- so that by year two they're bringing in enough cash to pay their PFs with that cash. Of course if they can do that (earns lots in a role by becoming an expert) AND still pay their PF using their credit or debit card or paypal, then the numbers get a lot higher than $300,000 by the end of year 3.

85 months ago